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Sound Production

Week 3 11/10/2016

Where are my sounds coming from ?

Sounds exist in your head and you visualise yourself interacting with it.  Ideas can be lost because you imagine other ideas. 400 more words

Sound Production

UnderStanding Sound

This is a short movie about a series of unfortunate events.

Movie – Death of tin man

Diegetic sounds – 00:30 / This scene uses Dialogue and of screen dialogue, you see both character talking by camera switching while they talk then suddenly the woman is talking to him while the camera is off screen. 88 more words

Sound Production

Sound theories and meaning


Todays lesson we are learning about sound within film and games

When we are talking about sounds we talk about Diegetic and non – diegetic. 428 more words

Sound Production

Sound Production

Week 2 26/09/2016

Film sound
Textual analysis 

Today echo showed us specific areas of sound in film and how sound is used to interact with the audience. 244 more words

Sound Production

Compression: How It Works

Compression refers to the reduction of the dynamic range of an audio signal. This range is the difference between the loudest and softest points of a waveform. 257 more words


Sound Production Introduction

Sound production is another main topic i will be focusing on this year. these are the assignments i will be focusing on.

I need to make sure that all sound effects and tracks that i make i record and store in one place. 82 more words

Sound Production

Sound Produciton

Date : 19/9/16

Today Eko has shown us the sound production module I will be working from and what we will be undertaking through the entire module. 159 more words

Sound Production