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Sound production #7

Chord trigger experiment

Futuristic ambient music test

Experimenting with a battle theme (incase there is a scenario within game)

In the next blog post i will be discussing how i made some more of my sounds within my game. 322 more words

Sound Production

Sound Production #6

Altering and affecting loops.

Extra effects and alterations

Creating a steam sound effect with a simple cymbal beat

Voice changing and effects

Title screen music development… 1,091 more words

Sound Production

Sound Production #5

Digitised and Natural sound comparison

No matter which recording process used, analog or digital, both are created by a microphone turning air pressure (e.g sound) into an electrical analog signal. 819 more words

Sound Production

Merry Christmas & Time Machine!

Merry Christmas to all my fans and supporters!

Here is a christmas present to you:
A prerelease of one of the songs from my coming album “Cool!” 26 more words


Mother of all modulation!

Hi guys and gals!

It´s been a while. Sorry about that. Christmas and all, work, you know. Also had some challenge with a defect encoder function on a Sony DPS-R7 Reverberator taking some of of my time. 443 more words

Sound Production

Sound Production #4

Chord triggers, Arpeggiators, Channel EQ modulation

In the continuation to this blog post i will discuss the differences between digital and analog sounds as well as some methods to create and alter them, with some information to make sense of the overall process. 684 more words

Sound Production

Sound Production #3

Repeating chords and key progression

Alchemy experimentation

In the next blog post i will start to discuss how to use arpeggiators, chord triggers and other midi plug ins, this will allow me to better understand, how certain digital software can work and function within certain areas and with other types of musicical input. 536 more words

Sound Production