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Pre production

Below is the paperwork i used in the pre production stages of my work. this included a list of the sounds i wanted, the locations i was going to collect them in, and finally the equipment i felt i needed to complete the task.

Sound Production

Sound Production #9 (Task 2/3)Embedded links to Soundcloud / evaluation of sounds and music created


Throughout the sound development and production experimentation blog posts, are the progress towards the sounds i created. The evaluation will cover everything i thought has processed and thought was great from a developmental stand point. 839 more words

Sound Production

Music showreel

Track list:

  1. Ballad of the Magic mushroom
  2. Portobello’s Minuet
  3. The Fun-Guy’s Dance
  4. Classical Shroom
  5. Title theme

Each of these tracks is designed to be played of a different game screen, the first 3 being individual character themes; similar to how the Phoenix Wright games utilise their sound. 188 more words

Sound Production

Sound production #8

Creating an old computer sound

Alarm edit

Radio alterations

Discovery sound effect

Foley sound (test tube sound experiment) (glass)

I thought i would have a go at making the test tube sound with this glass. 792 more words

Sound Production

Sound production #7

Chord trigger experiment

Futuristic ambient music test

Experimenting with a battle theme (incase there is a scenario within game)

In the next blog post i will be discussing how i made some more of my sounds within my game. 322 more words

Sound Production

Sound Production #6

Altering and affecting loops.

Extra effects and alterations

Creating a steam sound effect with a simple cymbal beat

Voice changing and effects

Title screen music development… 1,091 more words

Sound Production

Sound Production #5

Digitised and Natural sound comparison

No matter which recording process used, analog or digital, both are created by a microphone turning air pressure (e.g sound) into an electrical analog signal. 819 more words

Sound Production