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Why Hire A Sound System Provider?

Hire a sound system provider means, you entrust all the responsibility such as lighting, AV, plasma screen, DJ equipment and a whole lots more. These instruments involves compact and portable synthesiser to improve sound quality and render advanced control over the devices. 199 more words

Event Management

Learn about me, Jimmy Lifton!

Hi, I’m Jimmy Lifton and am President of the Oracle Post in Los Angles, CA and the new Lifton Institute, opening in April of 2015. 414 more words

Allen Park

January 2015

okay, so, a round up of how my month is looking so far:
1. dental work:
I am 22 and up until next Wednesday I will have had NO dental work. 122 more words

EQ Fundamentals

Equalization Principles

  • If it sounds muddy, attenuate at around 250Hz
  • If it sounds honky, attenuate at around 500Hz
  • Cut or attenuate to add clarity
  • Boost to make things sound “different”
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Be the Best Music Mixer by Following Few Basic Steps

With the advent of innovative technology and a party culture among youths everybody try to use gadget to mix the sound but only a perfectionist can churn out the music to the ear. 366 more words

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Teaching musical concepts

So with this project, I dabbled with the concept of teaching someone an instrument who already has a grasp of musical ideas such as scales,etcetera. The challenge here was helping the student produce a nice sound by allowing him to practice a few techniques in  a short amount of time and testing how it will affect the final result.