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Paranormal Activity 2 Sound Dub

Recently, myself and some fellow media students undertook a new project in which we removed the entire sound from a two minute Paranormal Activity 2 clip and replaced it with our own sounds by means of Foley. 238 more words

Sound Production

Radio Foley

Foley sound is one of many sound elements that bring a film together.

Jack Foley was the man who endeavored create all the sound effects for a reel at the one time. 214 more words


Video Production Services

By Kelly Gerrish

Every business has a story. At right on the line it’s our job to find yours and bring it to life. And with 1 minute of video having the same impact as 1.8 million written words, what better way to tell your story than through video?

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Building a New World

This blog is a continuation of ‘Planning a New World’
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The Creation

The Tuesday came and we entered the Slate Raven studio. I had brought in my acoustic guitar from home, ready to record the guitar track that I had come up with over the weekend. 265 more words

Student Blogs

Children's Book - Graphic & Sound Asset Specification


  • Page sizes
    • Standard A4 paper size for all pages, landscape – 29.7 x 21 cm; allow for large illustrations
  • Visual styles
    • Middle of page is painted, minimal background that fades into white near the edge of the page; gives the audience freedom to imagine what the background looks like.
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Professional Animation Development - Phase 2

The Beginning of the Aftermath

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The Concept

After taking to using the means of Facebook to look for a project for class, an animator, Jayde Nossiter, came to my aid and offered me the role as ‘audio guy’ for her short animation. 541 more words

Student Blogs

Plug for John!

Here he is!!  John’s had some business cards made up so true to my word I will share it with the world.

In 2016 a crack music-tech retired from the world of PC maintenance and escaped into the West Country Underground.   77 more words