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Selamat datang di dOUBLE bLACK – db Production

Kreatifitas, pengalaman, kerja keras dan mimpi bersama sebagai orang muda dari berbagai latar belakang pendidikan dan profesi, menjadi modal awal pendirian db Production. 85 more words

More Narrative Research

I have been looking into more interactive narratives and how narration impacts the game. A game called “Thomas was alone” tells a story using simple 2D shapes but by giving them names and labelling them with personalities the game had a very interesting path and gives people incentive to follow the game even though it uses simple platform mechanics. 376 more words

Sound Production

Sound production Research

I have been looking at different games and how they use their sound and i have been particularly interested in how some games have used the role of the narrator to change the overall experience of the game the most impactful one i have seen so far is called “The Stanley parable”. 250 more words

Sound Production

London UK: Breakthrough in Music Conference

Last week was half-term break (a one week holiday for students half-way through their school term).  I went to London, UK for the Breakthrough in Music Conference 2016… 772 more words


Music Album Project: Creativity, Action, Service (IBDP CAS)

For my IBDP Creativity Action Service (CAS) project in school, a couple of friends and myself are writing original music and producing an album. The school recently had an expansion and as part of the expansion, the school built a recording studio. 104 more words


process of sound production

First script reading

read through the scrip, let the scenario play out in your head, document any and all sound you hear (dialogue, environment, general ruckus) the more thorough the better. 118 more words

Sound Production

Where are my sounds coming from?


Today we discussed where the sounds, for my game, will come from.

It is important to be immersed into the narrative and sound for others to enjoy it too, “love yourself before others can love you too” 260 more words

Sound Production