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The Sound of Music

It’s nothing short of miraculous! Thanks to some pretty smart people and their very nifty technological creations, I can listen to just about any piece of music I want, whenever I want and wherever I want. 912 more words



The Mimi data, collected from over 200,000 hearing tests worldwide, presents the difference between a participant’s actual age and their hearing age. The hearing age reflects the age of the participant’s hearing ability and is calculated via the hearing test undertaken within the Mimi app. 34 more words


Should we only play super good recordings?

I was at a meet where a six figure system was being demonstrated and noted that most of the folks in the room, whom are die-hard audiophiles believe that only “audiophile” or “high-end” recordings should be played. 1,648 more words


MQA - What it is and what it isn't

By now no doubt you may have heard about this new thing called MQA. It stands for Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) and it is an audio codec intended for high fidelity digital audio internet streaming and file download. 1,646 more words


Dear Music Industry: No One Cares About Hi-Res Audio

Billboard reports that the three major music labels—Universal, Sony, and Warner—have collectively announced their support for hi-res audio for streaming services. This is a big step up from the inferior sound quality of MP3s—inferior because they’re compressed—and will instead offer listeners studio-quality audio. 324 more words

Music Musings

£40 vs £150 Open-back Headphone: VERSUS REVIEW!

Have you ever wondered if a £40 headphone sounds almost similar to one that is priced £100 or higher? We are here to help you out with Headphone Experts Sean Chew and Alex Honey! 38 more words


Leafblower Soundmap

A bunch of neighbors were sitting around the other night, talking yard work, and the conversation returned to a frequent target: a certain ex-neighbor, now long gone, who was unduly fond of his leaf blower. 64 more words

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