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Dear Music Industry: No One Cares About Hi-Res Audio

Billboard reports that the three major music labels—Universal, Sony, and Warner—have collectively announced their support for hi-res audio for streaming services. This is a big step up from the inferior sound quality of MP3s—inferior because they’re compressed—and will instead offer listeners studio-quality audio. 324 more words

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£40 vs £150 Open-back Headphone: VERSUS REVIEW!

Have you ever wondered if a £40 headphone sounds almost similar to one that is priced £100 or higher? We are here to help you out with Headphone Experts Sean Chew and Alex Honey! 38 more words


Leafblower Soundmap

A bunch of neighbors were sitting around the other night, talking yard work, and the conversation returned to a frequent target: a certain ex-neighbor, now long gone, who was unduly fond of his leaf blower. 64 more words

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Famous luthiers - 5

Hey, hey, hey…your favorite luthier is back! After a long break we are back with news and tops related to this beautiful art and many interesting information. 83 more words

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The Journey Car Audio Gray Split System

 The MOB Car Crew ran a competition about two months ago on their Facebook page to give one lucky person a Split System, if this person could obtain the most likes and help the page reach 6 000 likes . 634 more words

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The City in Urban Parks and Gardens

This article takes a look at how parks and gardens with different landscape structures relate to their urban environment acoustically. Although the majority of users seem to appreciate the sound quality of urban parks and gardens and consider them as isolated spaces protected from the city and traffic noise, this is the expression of idealised representations and does not reflect the real situation. 91 more words

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