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Ask the expert: What is the sound quality of the Baha 4 Sound Processor compared to Baha Divino?

Question: Hi, my name is Debbie and I found myself where I need to replace my old Baha Divino sound processor with a newer version like the Baha 4 Sound Processor. 410 more words

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5 Microphone tips that will improve your recording sound quality.

Many new engineers struggle with getting a recording to sound just the way they’re looking for. Without realizing it, many things you do can (and will) influence the way your recordings sound. 737 more words


Audio Slideshows

I have recently been watching various audio slideshows, and not simply because my multimedia class has been talking about them, but because I find them interesting. 376 more words


SpeakerBar vs SoundBar. What’s the difference and when should I use them?

By David Webster, Chief Technology Officer.

The huge popularity of ever larger sized TVs and monitors has been accompanied by a multitude of compact sound systems designed to compensate for the generally poor sound performance of today’s ultra-thin screens. 302 more words

Upgrading from BP100 to a Baha 4 Sound Processor

Question: I have single sided sensorineural deafness after a viral infection. I had a Baha 3 Sound Processor fitted 2 years ago. It has not really given a boost to my hearing as I had expected. 168 more words

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6 reasons why Vinyl is being preffered to superior CDs

Its not difficult to see why CDs have been replaced by MP3s. They’re simply easier. The iPod, Napster and earbuds are just a few of the 2000’s emergences that led to this shift away from CDs to the lower quality MP3. 784 more words


Tonearm blog: How does sound reach our ears?

The vast subject of sound is often difficult to comprehend, with many such as Audio Engineer and senior sound lecturer Dave Phillips dedicating his whole life to learning about the matter.  30 more words