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Sound studies and music education

The Journal of Aesthetic Education has published my overview of sound studies for those working in music education. I review the basic texts, some of the work of those in music education, and pose a few questions. 202 more words

Non-visual knowledge & sensory metaphors: J. Butler, A. Amin & N. Thrift, & S. Graham

I attended Judith Butler’s Houseman Lecture at UCL on Wednesday, which was recorded and should be available on YouTube soon (I’ll add a link as soon as they post the lecture). 996 more words

Sound Studies

Being and Time

In this piece of writing I will briefly examine Heidegger’s Being and Time (1927) and the main idea of Being, or as Heidegger names it, Dasein. 2,521 more words

Podcasts & Sound Production: Hardware

As a first-year undergraduate student, I was enrolled in electrical engineering and worked in sound production. My ‘plan’ was to get picked-up by sound production company and drop out of school to work on band tours. 1,200 more words

Sound Studies

Hearing you Think

Listening. What is it to listen? When I tune into my surroundings, I use the medium of sound as my first sensory preference. First we slow down, then we open our senses, how the world expands. 3,411 more words

Beginning to Evaluate the 'Ensoniment'

Jonathon Sterne argues that just as there was an Enlightenment marking the hinge between modern and pre-modern cultures, so there was a technological revolution in sound that can be called an ‘Ensoniment’. 502 more words


KISS Inaugural Lecture, University of Kent: Alan Penn 'Architectural Space and Social Action: How does the built environment relate to human society?'

‘Buildings, or cities, are different from different points of view.’ –A. Penn

On Wednesday, I was in Canterbury for the KISS (Kent Interdisciplinary Centre for Spatial Studies) Inaugural Lecture given by Alan Penn, Dean of the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture. 952 more words

Sound Studies