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The Foreigner: Pre-Opening Night Update

So, tech week is officially over and we open tonight at 7. Which is weird, because I’ve been doing tech for a while now. You know, the whole, “We are building a set backstage during rehearsal so I have to run mics for years before we open.” 706 more words

Tech Theatre

The Foreigner: Pre-Tech Week Update

Hey, friends! I just thought I’d drop by and give everyone (and myself) a little update on my life as a sound designer/engineer/director at Northeast Alabama Community College Theatre for their summer show of… 637 more words

Mt. Pisgah, VT - An Independent Film

Last Monday, I got a phone call from the office manager at our community college theatre. She told me she had a job lined up for me if I was willing to take it, and gave me the number of a producer in the area who was shooting an independent film, and who needed a field sound engineer. 288 more words

How To Survive Your First Year Of Collegiate Technical Theatre

Hey guys! I just finished my finals and my official first year at a 4-year liberal arts college as a technical theatre major! This blog post was inspired by one of my new friends. 823 more words

Voice and Presence

Our first module to explore is what we’re calling “Voice and Presence.” One of the criticisms women pastors hear most frequently is, “we can’t hear your voice,” or, “we can’t understand you.” We have seen women go through the Board of Ordained Ministry and receive the somewhat vague feedback of, “You need to find your voice.” 257 more words


They Call Him Al Capone...

So last semester, one of our modules was ‘Digital Audio Production’, and this module required us to make a radio project from scratch. Ideas, Scripts, Dialogue, Sound Effects, the whole lot. 259 more words


Back in the day...

So a few years ago when I was doing my A Levels in 6th Form I was studying Music Tech. One of our projects was simply to record a cover of a song, and sort out all the musicians to play for you. 224 more words