Some past SDVX gameplay report I forgot to blog

OK, the title pretty much said it all and this one involved something as the reason to blog about here. During that past day, one of the SDVX machines was having some mechanical problems that it could ruin the game play. 140 more words


Beatmania IIDX and SDVX III Gameplay Report - December 2nd

It was a normal day with some Beatmania IIDX and SDVX gameplay progress regarding Chrono Seeker, Skill Analyzer and songs of SDVX I and III until I saw my mentor, Nex Cyanic, in the arcades the second time. 301 more words


Sound Voltex III Gravity Wars

The gameplay in this sequel may have the laser beams go off track as well as the various camera adjustments like zooming in and out and even causing the whole thing to shake when zipping through the laser beam horizontally to the left or right. 224 more words



究極のエフェクトデバイスを体感せよ KONAMIは、アミューズメント向け音楽ゲーム『 SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH(サウンドボルテックス ブース) 』のロケーションテストを、2011年8月26日より実施する. 実施店舗は、東京・秋葉原にある東京レジャーランド秋葉原2号店と、大阪・梅田にあるラウンドワン梅田店の2店舗で、いずれも期間は2011年8月30日までとなっている. 実施期間 2011年8月26日(金)〜 8月30日(火) 実施店舗 ・東京レジャーランド秋葉原2号店 ・ラウンドワン梅田店 ※店舗の所在地、営業時間などは、ロケテスト情報サイトにてご確認ください. ナイキ SB (C)Konami Digital Entertainment.

Beatmania IIDX Tricoro Gameplay Report

OK, I went to the Bugis Virtualland arcade for the third time from 1PM+ to 3PM+. Each ride surely took me less than an hour so I left my home at 12PM+ although there was some train delay due to the other train already at the next station the train was supposed to travel to as the destination. 274 more words



System: PC
Release Date: 15 July 2013
Price: Freeware

This is a rhythm game that has gameplay which is similar to a “certain other recent arcade game” as mentioned by the author. 68 more words

Sound Voltex

Project Diva F 2nd next year

It may be months since my blogging about the upcoming video games but I may believe that my work of last year is still not yet finished. 485 more words