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Sounds of Silence.

When Simon & Garfunkel sang about the sounds of silence I’m sure they weren’t talking about tinnitus.

Almost fifty years to the date Simon & Garfunkel released ‘The Sounds of Silence’, a track that has become synonymous with The Graduate and down tempo nostalgia play lists. 596 more words


Even During the Silents There Was Sound

Even during the Silent era in  movie history  there was live music, lectures and sound effects.  In this new history of sound the six chapters cover six different eras of Hollywood sound right up to Dolby theatres  and the tiny speakers of laptops.. 10 more words


Friday Jams

This song makes me so happy. Almost happier than finishing school on a Friday… Have a nice start to your weekend!

“Welcome Home” by Radical Face, Touch the Sky (2010)

Does This Count as a Dragon......?

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Icant…I- I just can’t!!!! I was trying to draw a dragon but then I started spacing out while staring at the white canvas, unconsciously, I drew a monster 😂😂😂 my god, I didn’t even know what I was drawing until it’d been done!!!!! 29 more words

Who am i. I am not a summery of I or me.

Question: who are you. Post on fb

My answer: A creative conscious expression of god. in a community of other unique conscious expressions sharing my likeness. 1,149 more words