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Food for your ears

Several studies have shown that music not only has a physical influence on our brain but also changes our sensory perception of the moment we are experiencing. 1,924 more words


Perceiving sounds

28 April 2016

I’ve found out something very interesting in sound perception. When I am not actively listening to music, I can tune out annoying sounds pretty easily. 684 more words

Sound / Chakra Meditation

Your life energy (also known as your ‘prana’ or ‘Qi’ -pronounced “chi”) is like electricity which runs along (meridian) lines throughout the human body. Chakra’s are like junction boxes where the lines come together. 588 more words

The Power of Sound

When sound was first introduced to film it was as a solution to a problem rather than to improve the artistic credibility of film. The first sound to accompany the black and white pictures of the early 20th century was a piano-in order to drown out the sound of the projector.  318 more words


Lurker - Some People Video

I was playing acoustic guitar in the living room the other night and I was playing a piece that I had written decades ago. My good friend Tom Robinson added some chords to the structure and it became a favorite instrumental of ours called “Lurker”. 293 more words


Sound & Story

Half of the storytelling ability is sound … It’s an emotional place-setter that helps you feel precisely the right way at precisely the right time.

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