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My Favourite Thing - The Oral Historian

By Stephanie Boyle

I’ve played trivia in Kandahar. Walked through Saddam’s summer palace. And watched the flags go down in Tarin Kot, when an Australian soldier died. 1,087 more words

Best Bass Bluetooth Headphones for Music Lovers

Music has always played a significant part in our lives! We listen to music when we are happy, and sad, busy or not! We just plug in a pair of headphones into our ears and become a part of another world! 314 more words


Healing Through Music, Angkor Wat Cambodia

Heading east on our trip through south-east Asia we stopped off at the infamous Angkor Wat, home to the largest religious monument in the world. Previously the site of the ancient Khmer Kingdom for many centuries, the area is stooped in age-old culture and religious tradition. 269 more words

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Film Review: Sound City

Every film has a point. This is especially of documentaries. The audience needs to know why the subject is worthy of their time. Dave Grohl, director of Sound City, knows what the point of his film is. 477 more words

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4 Midsummer’s Eve Rants

Building on the slowly growing series of Cageian pieces I have just completed a set 4 walks based on the Island of Alnham.  This mythical island in mid Northumberland is based around a 13th century church and contains a peel tower, the site of an old castle and an ancient hill fort; it is also marked by the rising of the River Aln and the watershed of the rivers Aln and Coquet. 219 more words


#336 Jealousy & Internet Affairs - Mila by Mental Illness Happy Hour

What goes on in someone when they’re jealous, possessive, obsessive or need to create drama?  Mila was born into a family where her parents “couldn’t live with/couldn’t live without each other”  and she found herself as an adult becoming like them, She also began snooping on her partners and engaging in online and in-person affairs despite knowing better and wanting to stop but unable to leave her cold and uninterested husband. 174 more words


#30DaysWild - Week 03

Make room for nature!

This is a cry from The Wildlife Trusts, urging us to remember nature and pay attention to it during our everyday life.

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