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Consterllation - Sonic Arts 1

(Note: Due to still not having support for my dyslexia I am struggling in lectures as I find it almost impossible to take notes down as I process and write information that is being given to us to slowly and miss most of what is being said. 274 more words


Dappled light

Within each experience is something un-quantifiable. The perspective of experience. The walls have ears. Frequency of light, sound played at the frequency of light.

The Sound of a Photograph

Sain y Ffotograff - Sound of the Photograph

Sound of a photograph. Sain y ffotograff.

O arbrofion cynnar. Ymchwiliad celf – cyseiniant a atgof.

From early experiments – resonance and memory held within the digital frames to binary and analog frequency.


Over 2013 I recorded a familiar text in familiar situations. However the text is not normally spoken in these situations. So this is an experiment with 23 unedited recordings to see what happens when the text is said in these situations and how we hear these texts in these unusual pairings.


Dichtung Fontanera, the unexpected craziness

Made in Wedding is a small gallery in one of the less developed corners of Wedding. The intersection of the Soldinerstr and the Koloniestr is the heart of a Kiez with bad reputation and little signs of cultural development. 346 more words


Day 38

I was very interested in sound today. I shuffled around my work space banging, clinking, knocking, rocking, tapping, brushing, flicking and blowing. I ended up with an sonic array of the day, quickly spread together to create an acoustically littered, sonic shanty.

100 Days Project