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Musify + Gamify @ Vivid

What if things around the house that normally sit quietly made sounds? Could an inanimate piece of furniture be animated by sounds?

Patsy the Playful Pouf-doodle is in the… 184 more words


Florian Kupfer - rr

Florian Kupfer, sound artist from Germany, just released his new track ‘rr’.

We liked the free flowing development of the composition and its immersive quality. How the consistency of the rhythmic drive is endlessly increasing this feeling of encapsulating multiple moments at a time. 32 more words


James Hoff - Operation Olympic Games

James Hoff,  sound artist based in Brooklyn, just released his new work ‘ Operation Olympic Game’ commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur.

We found this release excellent. … 111 more words


Zoran - Creations Drive Zero.infinity

Artist: Zoran
title: Creations Drive Zero.infinity
keywords: electronic, dark ambient, dreamwave, drone, soundart, soundscape, Slovenia

Zoran made a release that seems to be covering a blank mind that travels over an endless road. 193 more words

A Literary Coup: Ark takes over a London library on 23rd April

Who stages a literary coup in a library? And what’s Calvino got to do with it?

Ark is launching an exciting new series of immersive, themed short story performances in libraries, involving curated film, dance, sound and interactive book art. 192 more words

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