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NASA seashell listens to satellites

IDEA: Listen to the orbit of the ISS and NASA’s 19 Earth-orbiting satellites.

WHAT:  Made from 72 curved aluminum panels the pavilion is outfitted with 30 speakers that are geolocated to certain satellites.  41 more words


QA : Chaperone

photography by Brandon Soder

1. Who are you?

I’m David Coccagna.

2. What do you do?

I make music as Chaperone and Light Sensitive, mostly. 817 more words


New Miniature Landscape Correspondence 15

The Miniature Landscape Correspondence series is an audio visual
collaboration between Una Lee and Chris H Lynn . Each correspondence or observation is composed of two shots, one from each… 40 more words


Chemo Singing Bowl

The Chemo singing bowl is 3D printed from a year of blood pressure recorded during chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. This version of the acoustic sonification singing bowl introduces 3D splines as a way of mapping the data into the form.  70 more words


How Old You Are

My mother, Anne G. Perry, in 36 seconds, on the practicalities involved when aging.


Is There a Cafeteria?

A sound composition in silverware, plates, cellophane wrapping, and human voice.


Redwood Creek, Muir Woods

While tour brochures for Muir Woods National Monument mention the murmurings of Redwood Creek, I found a far more rich, sonorous language of resonance, roil, rush, roar, and dappled run. 20 more words