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Homing: visit to the Somme

by Jen Southern

At the beginning of March, Sam Thulin and I went to France to make sound recordings and collect GPS data for our new work… 472 more words


Bjarni Gunnarsson-Ubieties

‘Paths consists of five compositions forming a totality of 53 minutes. The music is derived from three multichannel pieces premiered at the Tectonics festival in Reykjavík (2014), the Ephémère series in The Hague (2014) and Présences électronique festival in Paris (2015). 143 more words


Disturbance--MEDA101/Area 14

Disturbance is a piece which depicts not only a locality within Fairy Meadow but also the other forces within it. I documented the way that people constantly bypass this area and simply drive through the suburbs preoccupied by their phone, cars or by their busy day. 208 more words


Area 18 - Ellengowan Crescent

MEDA101 – Audio Snap-Shot

The video Everyday Objects was a reference and inspiration for my practice of collecting sound, it re- inbedded in me that almost anything is capable of making sound. 166 more words


Music Behind Bars

IDEA: Do barriers keep us in or out?

WHAT: Robert Frost wrote in his poem, ‘The Mending Wall’: “Before I built a wall I’d ask to know, what I was walling in or walling out?” 76 more words

100 Samples - the list and links

I set myself a goal to make 100 samples using the sounds around me, my instruments and other random stuff to see what comes out of it. 52 more words

Horn speaker flower power

IDEA: An electroacoustic composition and kinetic sculpture constructed around beat poet Gregory Corso’s controversial poem BOMB.

WHAT: ‘Summer of love’ is a large sound/sculpture installation consisting of 21 giant kinetic flowers made of kevlar, carbon fiber and fiberglass. 63 more words