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air flows over everything


spring time

everything crawling


& out

as the wind doze blow

my sad in festering joyous self

through wires 116 more words


Fluctuations - music for tenor saxophone and electromagnetic fields

If you are in Vienna the weekend of 24.02- 26.02. there is a lot of events what you have to see. But there is something on our foxus – Michael Fischer and Franciszek Araszkiewicz will do a live music performance for tenor saxophone and electomagnetic fields. 536 more words


cities & memory: sacred spaces

please, let me introduce cities & memory. an online medium dedicated to location recordings and their re-imagined sonic creations.

every so often, the curator is inviting the interested public to first submit thematically relevant fieldrecordings of a pre-defined subject which are then offered to a different interpret be re-created in a second step. 513 more words


Fluxus Music Performances

Previously mentioned was John Cage’s perfoemce piece 4’33” in which I was looking into for the role and impact the sound of nothing can have with in a performance but also the lack of silence with in life. 178 more words


Echo City

Echo City is a group of musicians who run projects and performances featuring a range of giant musical instruments crafted by the members. It started as a project with the purpose of the creation of giant instruments and sound sculptures called… 144 more words

'North American Time Capsule' by Alvin Lucier

Alvin Lucier is an American composer and sound artist known for his experimental use of innovative electroacoustic devices (at least during the years in which he worked), such as frequency oscillators connected to magnets as we can see in his work… 294 more words

Noise and the Rosenthal Effect

For many artists, noise is considered as a very powerful source of inspiration: from the 20th century Italian pioneer of experimental music Luigi Russolo, until the Japanese artist Merzbow, “founder” of noise music. 335 more words