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Creative SoundBlaster Roar

Well, I didn’t actually plan on buying this baby until I’ve spent my money on other audio equipment, but given the logistical issues in getting my favoured desktop monitors, plus my inherent desire to get my greedy mitts on new gadgets, I succumbed to desire and snagged this puppy during the SITEX ’14 promotional period. 266 more words

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TakaraTomy AD17 ダークサイドサウンドウェーブ | Dark Side Soundwave

TakaraTomy AD17 ダークサイドサウンドウェーブ | Dark Side Soundwave

TakaraTomy had to throw a Soundwave in, even though he is not in TF4 AOE.
By means of Soundwave, I meant Soundblaster ~  :P  (that’s how black Soundwave referred to for most TF fans) 143 more words


Review: Creative Sound Blaster Evo ZXR Headphones

I received the Creative Sound Blaster Evo ZXR a few weeks ago during the 2nd SEA Swimming Championships and have been using them to get in the zone throughout my races. 1,084 more words


(Better) Full Motion Video On The First PC

Ten years ago, created 8088 Corruption, a demo for the original PC, the IBM 5150, that displayed full motion video using a CGA card and a SoundBlaster. 273 more words

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Sound upgrade for PC

My audio commentary has a lot of background hiss. I suspect it is the onboard sound card gain method adding noise. So considering an upgrade to this sound card: 48 more words

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Creative Technologies, missed opportunities or lost cause?

Ancient History

Updated 27/2/2014: Thanks to Arthur for new info.

Creative Technologies (CT) became famous for their SoundBlaster soundcards in the 80s. They were the first company in the world to combine FM Synthesizer (MIDI music) & PCM Codec (Voice/Sound effects) in a single ISA peripheral card. 1,938 more words


Soundblaster vs Grimlock

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Grimlock has his fire sword at the ready, but I’m not sure if it’ll be enough to stop Soundblaster. Soundblaster has quite the rep at his disposal and he’s a pretty tough machine. 21 more words