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Easter in Modern Multimedia Perspective

Easter in Perspective

Regardless of your level of religiosity or secularity, irrespective of the complex origins and unresolved questions about Easter, and in spite of the ongoing interplay of commerce, tradition and mythology, … 847 more words


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Orchids in Perspectives

SoundEagle would like to belatedly invite all of you to celebrate Christmas and New Year with this multimedia post containing some impressive Orchid Christmas Trees, Computer & Web Graphics, Games & Animations, a thoughtful Poem and Season Greetings. 776 more words


SoundEagle in Erik Otis' Sound Colour Vibration (Music | Art | Film | Photography | Culture) Blog

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      Happy new year to Erik and all the team members at the Sound and Colour Vibration Society!

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Marble as Decorative Collectable, Art Glass, Toy and Computer Game

•⃝  Marble Preamble  ⃝•

This is an interactive and multifaceted post from SoundEagle to you. The subject is marble, presented through the media of text, art, graphics, games, history, music and videos, then culminating in the two computer games for your amusement and challenge! 1,729 more words


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A New Website Is Born!

SoundEagle has been busy creating and designing this new and special website, and would like to welcome you to browse and comment at your discretion. 477 more words


Dynamic Visualization of Music as New Sensations Where The Eagles Fly: Animation in High Definition on Large Screen


The following videos are two recordings of real-time animation in high definition on large screen, produced in the parlance of dynamic visualization of music composed by… 146 more words