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Prelude no. 10 - "The Unheard"

Do you remember prelude no. 3? That’s when we imagined to cut a tree at different lengths, and produce organ pipes. Here the trekker is asked to choose a dead tree (there are many lying on the ground) and guess how low the produced sound would be, if the trunk were to become a sounding pipe. 83 more words

Sound Ecology

Coming soon...Ludmila - 1 Day 1 Track

We’ve another limited edition vinyl-effect CDr lined up on Whitelabrecs and this time we welcome Lyon, France based artist Ludmila. Jori Borla, the artist originally hails from Argentina and to date has only self released his material, meaning that… 397 more words


Prelude no. 9 - "Points On the Ground"

We have now left the road, crossed a bridge and started our way up to Artignaga. This prelude asks the trekker to focus on his walking activity. 121 more words

Sound Ecology

Boston in Soundscapes

By Margaret Rowley

On the back of our house is a porch, probably ten feet long and five feet wide, hung all around with plants, mostly herbs, the product of my cyclical summertime desire to dig in the dirt. 1,686 more words


Two little boats 

Some things burn down to the ground.
Some things turn to dust.

Some things sail away,
Slowly, without drama,
Like two little paper boats,
A soft sadness in their sails.

8k43 Different Hues

Skew-whiff reflects on hue.. a veritable musical colour chart.. a good time to change the drapes perhaps, the drapes in the psychotic games room.. indeed, as the formidable Nurse Diesel says to Dr Richard Thorndyke over fruit cup at the Home for the Very Very Nervous: “Dr Wentworth felt that colour had a great deal to do with the well-being of the emotionally disturbed” … Different Hues … 136 more words

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