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(New Album Review) Pleq and Giulio Aldinucci- The Prelude To

Pleq (Polish producer Bartosz Dziadosz) makes rhythmic electronic music positioned at the fringes of ambient music and sound art for its melancholy aesthetic and samplings from modern classical sounds. 256 more words

Production 2

Where are we at?

We are currently at the editing stage of our production now, and it has all been going relatively smoothly. There are a few shots we need to shoot that we require to fill in space and keep our continuity but other than that most of the editing has been completed and we’re almost finished! 303 more words


MERZBOW / RAVEN / DAO DE NOIZE - Animal Liberation CD Out Now!

MERZBOW / RAVEN / DAO DE NOIZEAnimal Liberation CD (4iB016):

1. Merzbow – Granulation 221 (20:04)
2. Raven – Unjustified Murder (10:00) 267 more words


> Interview with TREPANERINGSRITUALEN (Breathe, Then Die) by Stanley Stepanic (Deaf Sparrow)

We’ve been on such a dark kick recently. We like it dark, darker than Goth, darker than black metal. So dark we tread places few will go because you’ll be tagged as ‘outsider’ by anyone. 1,631 more words


Aya and Tyler - Oshuns of Love

Artist: Aya and Tyler
title: Oshuns of Love
keywords: devotional, electronic, electroacoustic, electronica, mantra,meditation,sacred,galactica,sound healing,soundscape, yoga, New York
reviewer: Simon Hit

Doing yoga for the mind and listening to fitting yoga music is a bit like being a food fan and eating. 976 more words