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Gnoomes-Tschack!-Rocket Recordings (Launch 105)

Russian band Gnoomes return with their second album on Rocket Recordings, playing their on brand of what they call ‘Stargaze’. I wrote about their first album on these… 302 more words

Listen: A sweeping electronic soundscape

New track from Speakman Sound is an epic adventure into the house of ambience. 126 more words


Dead Sea Apes- Sixth Side of the Pentagon-(Cardinal Fuzz/Sky Lantern Records)

Dead Sea Apes are no stranger to these pages and their albums are never far away from the turntable and even had the dubious honour of being my ‘ 538 more words


So I thought I’d play with the idea of collage and sound, after seeing a fantastic collage by David Michael Reyes, on instagram (see here for the… 30 more words

8k30 Epic

epic (adj.) – of unusually great size or extent; spectacular; very impressive; awesome… Skew-whiff MD presents an exploration of the long epic tune, nothing under 8 minutes here, some start quiet and build like Low & The Dirty Three’s rendition of Neil Young’s “Down By The River”, some just crash in and stay huge like The Velvet Underground’s “Sister Ray” which clocks in at 17 minutes.. 100 more words

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