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[Crown the Empire] Salvage 16

Gathering all of the command staff to an emergency meeting would take longer than expected. Soundwave told Optimus to go ahead of him while he made a detour to a nearby office, one that was unused and as such, dusty and unfurnished. 6,965 more words


[Crown the Empire] Salvage 15

Bumblebee had trained under Ironhide, but he’d passed under Kup more than a few times when he’d first joined the Autobots. He’d gravitated toward Jazz and Spec Ops after that, and one would think that meant Kup could barely remember the scrappy yellow mech who had ended up on his aft more often than not. 6,898 more words


[Crown the Empire] Salvage 14

“Have I mentioned how much I hate tunnels?” Bumblebee asked.

Rumble chuckled, though it sounded strained. “Only ten times in the past hour alone.”

“Well, let me repeat it again.” Bumblebee ducked to avoid another dip in the rock ceiling and inched further into the cave. 7,446 more words


[Crown the Empire] Salvage 13

First Aid was in the middle of scrubbing down one of the berths in the Emergency Ward when chaos tumbled into the medbay. He startled so hard that he dropped his spray bottle and meshcloth both, his spark pounding. 6,566 more words


[Crown the Empire] Salvage 12

There was no official statement from the Decepticons. All was quiet from Iacon, as a matter of fact.

Given that less than twelve hours had passed since Ratchet first ran out of the medical center, Soundwave was not surprised. 6,937 more words


Sydney // Soundwave 2015 (Dreams do come true)

I had planned to move from Perth and go back to SA to swim with the sharks for summer and save to travel more. However this would all change on my layover in Adelaide. 1,281 more words