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[Crown the Empire] Salvage 04

Optimus considered himself to be a mech of patience and understanding. He was not prone to disliking other mecha, nor was he prone to a foul disposition. 6,962 more words


Resonating of Space

IDEA: Sound spreads out in space, and that thus becomes space itself.

WHAT: The exhibition is given the aforementioned English title, but its German name, Raumschall, is perhaps more fitting. 295 more words

[Crown the Empire] Salvage 03

Of all mechs to find on guard duty, Optimus was not surprised to see Smokescreen here. He was their self-proclaimed psychologist, though he had no formal training. 6,706 more words


[TFP] Good Enough II

It started with a ping to his comm in the middle of the night, one Ratchet knew he should ignore, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. 1,891 more words


Escape the Fate & Falling in Reverse Down Under - Enough Beef for an Aussie Stew

With Escape the Fate’s upcoming Australian tour on the horizon, drummer and original member Robert Ortiz has reminisced with us about some of his previous experiences playing down under (read the full interview… 455 more words

Australian Tour

[Crown the Empire] Salvage 02

The bay doors had been wrenched open. Megatron hadn’t bothered to override the circuits. He’d blasted the doors and peeled the metal aside, leaving it looking as though a bomb had gone off inside. 6,871 more words


[G1] Every Move You Make

Swindle might have had the market cornered on questionable videos of Autobots in alluring poses and behaviors, but Soundwave was the single-most authority on Jazz. Not that he ever offered his many, many recordings to Swindle for the purpose of making a profit. 353 more words