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Transformers Prime

Transformers Prime!!!

Hello everyone! Transformers Prime is out today!!! 317 more words


Episode 54: Hoist Goes Hollywood

Hoist, and a few other Autobots, catch the acting bug this week and decide to get into making movies. Meanwhile, the Decepticons waste everyone’s time with the worst MacGuffin ever.On top of that we spotted a couple of obvious goofs, like this “Closed” sign that is seriously misspelled: 79 more words


[TF] Sweet Surrender

Megatron had close to a hundred Harpies in his flock. Given the population of every flock in the entirety of Cybertron, his was merely a feather in a wing. 5,826 more words


Episode 53: Sea Change

Seaspray takes center stage this week in yet another wacky Transformers adventure that includes yet another new alien species and more evidence that Megatron is an interstellar mafia boss. 97 more words


[G1] Told You So

“I really don’t see the point of this,” Sunstreaker grumbles as he crosses his arms behind his helm.

“Sunstreaker doesn’t understand patience,” Soundwave replies with that even tone of his that Sunstreaker both loves and loathes. 566 more words

Rated T

Apocalyptica announce September tour

After blowing away crowds with their heart stopping shows during Soundwave 2015, Finnish classical-metal masterminds Apocalyptica will be returning in September for a headline tour. 152 more words

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