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SUPERIOR SOUNDWAVE - Communications and Intel specialist - Megatron's Loyal Servant

NAME: Soundwave

FACTION: Decepticons

QUOTE: “Autobots Inferior, Soundwave Superior”

Soundwave is perhaps the most loyal of all Decepticons. Not just loyal to lord Megatron, but to the Decepticon cause.  522 more words


Water Running Through a 24hz Sine Wave

We already wrote about Brusspup and his crazy anamorphic illusions – and now he’s back with new tricks! This time he attempts to bend water using an audio speaker set to produce a 24hz sine waves. 19 more words


Transformers PC Tower Case

Those aren’t cassette spindles, they are PC case fans which help keep your expensive hardware cool. It was that idea that launched my latest design: a PC tower case based on the infamous Decepticon, … 126 more words


[TFP] Somewhere Between

//Come Soundwave.//

//It doesn’t have to mean anything.//

//We are simply two officers consoling one another.//

//We were left behind by our dear master, after all.// 623 more words


First look: Titans Return Misfire and Slugslinger revealed; close up images of RID Soundwave and Blurr

The Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair is on in Melbourne today, which means Hasbro’s in town. We were invited to an Ozformers meetup (cheers, guys!) where a Hasbro rep brought by some upcoming releases – both known and unknown. 233 more words