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[FoF] Beyond Beauty

He’d been told they were gorgeous. That their feathers shone, their colors were bright and alluring, their smiles were blinding, and their beauty unmatched.

Soundwave only knew the scent of them, and the sound of their voices. 214 more words


[TIA] Man in the Mirror

Starscream tingled long after Blurr left. He thought unkind words in Jazz’s direction, muttering subvocally.

He had a whole list of things to do today. Was it so wrong to want to take some time to enjoy his lover before he had to dive into the fray? 3,967 more words

Rated T

[TIA] Amongst Thieves

Starscream had only a vague idea of which direction the Decepticons had gone. He knew they’d made camp opposite of the Autobots, so that the newly rebuilt city was sandwiched between the two factions. 2,198 more words


Blog #1193: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Die-Cast Soundwave Cassette Player

Transformers Masterpiece Die-Cast Soundwave Cassette Player

With the Hasbro Asia’s reissue of Masterpiece Soundwave, they included a die-cast Soundwave cassette player.  It’s pretty cool, even if it is only a block of die-cast metal.  11 more words


EMMURE: An Uncensored Dialogue with Frankie Palmeri

By Ricky Aarons

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the interesting musical career that metal-come-death-core band Emmure have embarked on over the last few years. 1,476 more words


[Crown the Empire] Salvage Epilogue

Recovery was not an immediate process, no matter how much Optimus wished it would be so.

He recharged with Soundwave more often than not, but even the comfort of Soundwave’s familiar field and warmth was not enough to chase away the echoes of Megatron’s touch. 9,986 more words

Rated M