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[Crown the Empire] Salvage Epilogue

Recovery was not an immediate process, no matter how much Optimus wished it would be so.

He recharged with Soundwave more often than not, but even the comfort of Soundwave’s familiar field and warmth was not enough to chase away the echoes of Megatron’s touch. 9,986 more words

Rated M

[Crown the Empire] Salvage 18

Optimus was true to his word.

There was a trial within days of Metalhawk’s arrest. Gathered evidence was presented. Testimonies were given, the most damaging being those from Chromedome, Skids, and Acid Storm – on loan from his own residence in the Decepticon brig. 7,082 more words


[Crown the Empire] Salvage 17

The sound of a key code being inputted into a lock preceded the noisy rattle of a pressurized door opening. Jazz didn’t look up as it did so, pretending instead to concentrate fully on the datapad in his possession. 7,422 more words


Blog #1176: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Titans Return Deluxe Soundwave & Soundblaster

Transformers: Generations: Titans Return Deluxe Soundwave & Soundblaster

There are a few things I need to say about the Titans Return line.

First off, the trading cards.  558 more words


Sound Synthesis in JavaScript

Familiar synth noises at our home again! This time synthesized in JavaScript. Simon has been following Daniel Shiffman’s Sound Tutorials and studied the codes to create oscillators and… 87 more words


[Crown the Empire] Salvage 16

Gathering all of the command staff to an emergency meeting would take longer than expected. Soundwave told Optimus to go ahead of him while he made a detour to a nearby office, one that was unused and as such, dusty and unfurnished. 6,965 more words


[Crown the Empire] Salvage 15

Bumblebee had trained under Ironhide, but he’d passed under Kup more than a few times when he’d first joined the Autobots. He’d gravitated toward Jazz and Spec Ops after that, and one would think that meant Kup could barely remember the scrappy yellow mech who had ended up on his aft more often than not. 6,898 more words