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Day 20: Progress

Day 20. That means almost three weeks of the soup and whisky diet – or halfway through the rough time I had planned to do this for. 349 more words

Day Eight: When is a soup not a soup?

At the start of this experiment, Grace’s mum reminded me that not everything that goes into a bowl is a soup. Wise words, and no point in putting myself through this soup pain if I’m going to counter-act all of the effects by counting things as soup when they aren’t. 156 more words

Day Seven: Leek and Potato

The past few (non-soup) days were relatively healthy, all things considered. I was out drinking on Saturday, but opted for diet mixers (again), and resisted buying fast food on the way home, as well as the next day to cure the hangover. 168 more words

Day Five: Scotch Broth

After the cottage cheese debacle, I still felt peckish, so opted for a bit of whisky: a peaty single malt called Finlaggan.

We got this on Islay, and apparently it’s a name that different distillers’ on the island operate under, so you’re never quite sure who has produced the particular bottle you’re drinking. 396 more words

Day Four: I hate you, cottage cheese

It’s only the second soup day in a row (out of three total soup days), but I’m already getting restless. I’m beginning to think that the hardest thing will be doing four days in a row, so I’m going to look for opportunities to break the days up where possible. 419 more words

Day Three: hungover

Day three of the soup and whisky diet, of which it is the second soup day.

Last night we ate Vietnamese food, and even had some noodle soup, as well as drinking a substantial amount with some family we don’t see very often. 186 more words

Day One: Classic Tomato

It has begun. Six weeks of soup hell.

The choice of canned soup isn’t all that great if you can’t eat gluten – apparently everything gets bulked out with flour – so I’ll need to start making my own at some point. 243 more words