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Don't Toss Those Corn Cobs! Here's What You Need to Do with Them

Corn kernels get all the credit. Let’s rewrite that story. Step one: Don’t toss those cobs. People, we’re making corn stock.

Sweet and golden, corn stock is what happens when cobs start living their best life. 362 more words

Glorious! Limited Edition Spanish Chicken Paella Soup

Maybe it’s just me, but soup isn’t something I associate with summer. Thankfully I don’t work for a soup company because we would not be getting all these exotic limited editions. 503 more words


It's all about: Yong Tow Foo, fishball and assorted tofu soup

Yong Tow Foo or Yong Tau Foo is Chinese cuisine which include stuff tofu either with fish paste or mince meat. From what I experienced this dish in Singapore, there are 2 types of Yong Tow Foo. 151 more words


Your Grandmother Just Happened to Be Right With Regards to Chicken Soup Making You Feel Better

It has long been advised that chicken soup is great to have while you are not really feeling good. There’s definitely something comforting with regards to a cup of soup whenever the common cold is definitely inflicting mayhem with your body. 299 more words


Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup


2 nos chicken whole legs (cleaned)

1 no Korean ginseng

10 nos red dates (pitted)

12 nos dried chestnut (soaked overnight, use toothpick to remove the membrane) 97 more words


Easy Shitake & Rice Noodle Miso Soup by Emily Lewis [Admin]

80g sliced (dried) Shitake Mushrooms
1 packet Rice Noodles
1 bunch Bok Choy – chopped.
1/2 bunch Spring Onion – chopped.
4 Tablespoons Red Miso Paste… 68 more words