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Slurpy Ramen

This happened on a rainy day when the husband was down with a cold & fever & plain chicken soup just won’t do. A time where my habit of storing chicken bones in the freezer came in handy. 529 more words

The Wonder Years releases "Cardinals"

And here you thought I was going to bitch about absolutely everything.

That was a fair assumption, even if it was an incorrect one. Once in a very great while a new song or album comes along that actually makes my hair stand on end. 653 more words


campbell convo (with the head)

“How often do you write?”

“This week? Fifteen.”

“Fifteen times?”

“No. But I have fifteen academic papers.”

“This week?!! Do you ever sleep?”

“I drown in coffee.”


INTERVIEW: The Wonder Years (USA), April 2011

I’ve been a huge Wonder Years fan for years and years and years now. Genre regardless, I see them as one of the realest bands one could hope to encounter in the current musical climate. 1,862 more words


Super healthy oat and veg soup

Winter has hit the UK hard and we have even had bouts of snow in some places. With the colder days amongst us and the desire to continue with our New Year’s resolutions of eating healthier, what better solution than a light, warming oat and veg soup? 316 more words

Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties releases video "Our Apartment"

Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell from The Wonder Years has been performing under the moniker Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties for the last couple of months, and is now releasing a video for the song “ 39 more words


Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties - "We Don't Have Each Other" Review (Spoilers)

When it comes to this album, my first question is; why has no one on this website reviewed it yet??

For anyone who is not familiar, Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties is simply just Dan Cambell (Soupy) from The Wonder Years backed by an acoustic guitar and harmonica. 751 more words