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Recipe #18: Sour Cherry White Chocolate Cookies

Living rural definitely has its baking limitations.

This recipe was on the back burner for so long because I couldn’t find some damn dried sour cherries. 273 more words


Sour cherry beef stew ( Khoresht-e Aalbalu) with spiced rice

This is a delicious / aromatic sweet stew due to combination of cherry stew with spiced rice. In Iran, best time to get fresh sour cherry is summer time. 253 more words


Coconut balls

Magyarul  ⇣ 

Coconut balls

A childhood favorite again. Cocoa flavored dough in coconut jacket with a juicy pickled sour cherry in the middle. Normally it should be chilled before you serve but to be honest I really love to eat some before it goes into the fridge, when the dough is soft.  614 more words


Green House - The Happening Place in the City Center

The Green House is the old town coffee shop of the Ginko – vegetarian restaurant. In other words the Green House is a great coffee shop, a happening place for young people of this vibrant university town, Graz. 227 more words


Sour Cherry Bliss Balls

When I first set out to make these, it was due to the raw bars you get in store and at health shops costing so much for something that is gone within two bites. 268 more words

Some Jam, Scones And Sour Cherry Hand Pies

When I saw the baskets of sour cherries and gooseberries at the farmers market I had to buy them. Both are delicious but really not great eaten fresh/raw. 811 more words

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Sour Cherry Preserve

My mother-in-law always has a stash of homemade fruit preserves in the dark recesses of her refrigerator.  She goes through them slowly, scooping half a cup from each jar at a time and keeping them in little glass containers which she puts on the table at breakfast time and we spread them on fresh baked bread from down the street: tangy sweet strawberry over a layer of hazelnut spread on crusty whole wheat, tart cherry on toasted white.   638 more words

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