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Eggplant Ragout and Mini Penne

Eggplant . . . not my favorite food, but WOW – this turned out great.  And unexpectedly easy.  I read somewhere years ago that it improves the stringent feeling of eggplant if it is salted and drained before cooking/roasting it.  261 more words

Recipe: White Chocolate-Raspberry Cake with Coconut

Now this is what I consider the quintessential spring cake. Creamy white chocolate, tart raspberries, and a hint of tropical coconut – what would be more perfect for a wedding dress-like Easter cake? 411 more words


Steak Pr0n

The KISS principle in Sunday Dinners.  (Keep It Simple, Stupid):  Sous vide boneless ribeye, baked potato with sour cream, French dinner toll, wilted lettuce, and sweet tea.


French Strawberry Cake

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of a very special person, Pete’s mom Ginny, over a delicious Italian restaurant lunch and had a wonderful time.

But a birthday just isn’t a birthday without a special cake, so I decided to make a dessert that we could have back at Ginny’s afterwards. 446 more words


Lemon Sour Cream Muffins

Lemon and sour cream are a great combination. Please do not substitute with yoghurt otherwise the taste will not be the same. I wish you a very happy weekend. 285 more words


Mind Blowing Coconut Coffee Cake

As a baker I’m always looking for new ways to make things, different techniques and especially different flavours to combine together. Every so often I’ll stumble onto something so incredible that it’ll completely take me by surprise! 857 more words