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Oven Baked Tacos

This is the best way we have found to prepare tacos without them falling to bits and crumbling all over the place when you try to eat them.   234 more words


Cheesecake Cupcakes

Cheesecake can be a contentious thing. People love it or hate it, and even if you love it you can take multiple sides in the debate: French, New York, topped with all manner of things from fruits to caramel sauce. 401 more words



Almost any (if not every) grocery store sells potatoes in large bags for a rather small price, which can be a huge help to your student grocery budget. 225 more words


Lemon Sour Cream Cake with Blueberries

The scent and flavour of lemon is universally loved. Lemon is delicious with sugar and delicious with salt but it also has the magical ability of intensifying and enhancing dull and lifeless flavours. 415 more words


Store-Bought-Style Cinnamon-Sour Cream Coffee Cake

How do you like your coffee….cake? There are so many kinds out there. I feel like I keep doing a new one on here every… 1,062 more words

Fudging Ahead

Pringles Tortillas

PRINGLES have launched a new snack range to rival Doritos; Pringles Totillas. They have ditched potato for corn to create new snacks in four different flavours: Original, Sour Cream, Spicy Chilli and Nacho Cheese. 515 more words

New Food

Pork with Paprika Cream

RECIPE #112, DAY #134

ORIGINAL RECIPE: “Mushrooms with Paprika and Sour Cream” from–yes, oddly–Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, by Deborah Mills*

TIMING: 20 minutes… 280 more words