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Durum Rye Greek Yogurt SD

  This is a pretty simple bake with mostly fresh milled and sifted flour with some Greek Yogurt added for some extra moisture and softness and a little lemon infused honey to round it out.  499 more words

Sour Dough Breads

Rye-Durum-Roasted Potato SD English Muffins

I love making and eating English Muffins.  They are so versatile and freeze well.  I usually keep 4-5 out and freeze the rest and toast them as needed. 323 more words

Sour Dough Breads

Double Pecan Bread with Cranberries

     Sometimes you feel like a nut….sometimes you don’t…..Well I always love nuts; especially pecans!

For this bake I ground some fresh pecans in my mini food processor and added that to the levain with some AP and freshly milled whole wheat.  564 more words

Sour Dough Breads

Durum Kamut Potato Cream Cheese Bread

If you have never made a bread with cream cheese yet, I urge you to give it a try.  The cream cheese really turns out a moist and creamy crumb. 489 more words

Sour Dough Breads

Toasted Almond Corn Porridge Bread

I made this bread last weekend after my return from my business trip to Germany.  I wanted to try changing up my method for mixing the porridge bread a bit to see if I could get a better result.  832 more words

Sour Dough Breads

Porridge Leek Bread

I asked my wife to buy me a few bannetons for Hanuka and she bought me enough to start a bakery :).

The first one I used was a square shape.  629 more words

Sour Dough Breads

Happy Holidays--SD German Pretzels and Porridge Rye Beer Bread

   I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah.

For Christmas Eve at our good friends I made some German style pretzel rolls which are always a big hit and went perfectly with the Saurerbraten that was served for dinner.  93 more words

Sour Dough Breads