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Customising a mailto link in HTML

A mailto link is a controversial one, especially in email marketing – but we all have used it and will use it even though we know that it is not 100% bulletproof or that it can’t be tracked (some things are out of our control…). 152 more words

Email Marketing

5 Great Sci-Fi Films You Probably Haven't Seen

Life hits cinemas today, giving the well-trodden tale of an Alien species trapped on a space ship a new lease of life with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds taking on this extra-terrestrial. 654 more words

Film Review

World’s cheapest SCADA device: source code

This is the source code (as of May 27, 2008) for the Parallax BasicStamp Recording light meter.  I apologize for the formatting, but in the exciting new world of Office 2007, there is *literally* no way to edit the HTML that Google or Help know about, so I can’t use the  <pre></pre> tag. 567 more words

The world’s cheapest SCADA device?

As part of my learning about CygNet, SCADA, and the exciting world of Real World Data, I decided to build a SCADA-enabled device from scratch. … 370 more words

C# (.Net) example of wrapping CygNet COM objects

This is a complete (sources w/o binaries, but including an installer for the sample application) showing one way to expose CygNet entities via .NET

You must check with Lynne Whitehorn or Jeff Brady before distributing this code outside the company.  Please. 22 more words

Source Code

Apparently the director’s followup to this is a complete disaster.


Numerical solution of PDE:s, Part 6: Adiabatic approximation for quantum dynamics

Having solved the time-dependent Schrödinger equation both in real and imaginary time, we can move forward to investigate systems where the potential energy function has an explicit time dependence in it: 750 more words