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What is advantage of buying the 3d games source code?

Within this article I will aim to cover how to buy 3d games source code when developing Unity 3D.

We thought the best way to achieve this would be to get some expert advice on the matter, 418 more words

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Is Nashorn (JVM) faster than Node (V8)?

The answer to the question “Is Nashorn (JVM) faster than Node (V8)?” is in most people’s minds: a foregone conclusion, looking something like this expression. 450 more words


Writing Express Middleware to Modify the Response

I recently had a need for some Express middleware that would track any change to a variable, and send the details of any changes in the response, but only if the response is JSON data. 363 more words


The American Connection

A client of mine asked this week if I could resolve an IT issue at his property. Now this is not unusual as I tend to fix minor issues for people all the time. 430 more words

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Docker Combo Images

I’ve been working with Docker a lot for the past year and it’s pretty great. It especially shines when combined with Kubernetes. As the projects grew more and more complex, a common issue I kept encountering was running both Python and JavaScript code in the same container. 400 more words


Leaked Exploits Have Fueled Cybercrime So Far in 2017, Says New Report

Leaked exploits and increased cybercrime-as-a-service offerings — along with the expanding digital footprints of organizations — helped to fuel cybercrime in the first half of 2017, according to a mid-year threat intelligence report from SurfWatch Labs. 719 more words

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The Graph

Graph is a fundamental concept in Computer Science. We see it everywhere and it became increasingly popular among developers when it became apparent that Facebook is nothing but a gigantic graph. 1,829 more words