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Random Number Game (C++)

Here is a little C++ game that I put together to get me aquainted with C++. If you like this please follow me on GitHub… 427 more words


Runnable wants to make developers more productive

Back in 2013, Runnable launched with the mission to become the “YouTube of code” that allowed its users to find and run code snippets on its site. 456 more words


Source Codes, Short Stories, and Steam Reviews #4

Source Codes

I’ve made the source code for my two music tools available for purchase, as well as three of my games: A Starspangled Zephyr… 1,597 more words


[Java] Hopfield Network Implementation

Why Java?

Well, actually I have a deep love with this language, I enjoy my time writing a Java code. Also, it is good for me to write some OOP projects to not forget its concepts. 95 more words

Machine Learning

What is an evolutionary prototype (a kind of feasibility study)?

Prototypes are extremely important in building software products. The throwaway prototype was discussed in the last post. Now let us discuss evolutionary prototype in this post. 143 more words

Software Engineering

Breaking into BBS Express. {Not for kids,  this is Black Hat baby}

If you have high enough access on any BBS Express BBS you can get the Sysop’s password without any problems and be able to log on as him and do whatever you like. 571 more words

Computer Tricks

[Thực hành] Procedural Animation

Hôm nay, mình có làm 1 video nho nhỏ về các kiểu procedural animation trong Android.

Hy vọng nó sẽ có ích cho bạn trong con đường lập trình Android của mình. 36 more words