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How Google and Bing protects their API

My previous research named Reverse Engineering using Chrome was all about debugging a website and building an algorithm to bring up all of these tiles together, and by the end – getting the image in a higher resolution. 1,183 more words

Makefiles are discontinued

Due to the problems with resource compilation described in tickets #18, #19, #20 and #61, I believe we will drop makefiles from the project — the current solution can’t produce good binaries. 38 more words

Source Code

Posting source code with WordPress


is a text formatting syntax and a software tool for converting plain text to HTML. It is often used to format readme files. It could be used to format posts and comments in WordPress. 43 more words

Source Code

Movie Review: Hush

Director: Mike Flanagan

Writers: Mike Flanagan, Kate Siegel

Stars: Kate Siegel, John Gallagher Jr.

Verdict: Really good fun

Hush is a straight to Netflix release from the director of mirror-thriller (rhyme trademarked to TheHipsterLlama 2016), 463 more words


Here's Where Microsoft Opened a Cybersecurity and 'Transparency' Outpost

Microsoft continues its efforts to build trust with foreign governments.

The technology giant announced on Tuesday that it opened a new so-called transparency and cybersecurity center in Singapore. 219 more words


Why a Hacker Dumped Code Behind Colossal Website-Trampling Botnet

Now you can build your own mega botnet.

A hacker going by the name “Anna-senpai” released the source code that controlled an army of zombified Internet of Things devices that recently barraged… 486 more words


Random Number Game (C++)

Here is a little C++ game that I put together to get me aquainted with C++. If you like this please follow me on GitHub… 427 more words