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Behind the door

I once peeked at the source code on my Facebook page. It seemed to go on forever. I wondered just how many characters that was, so on a whim I copied it, opened up an MS Word document and pasted it in. 308 more words

Think Pieces

How to use VBScript in C++ (Using Qt)

In this article I’ll explain the process of combining C++ and VBScript codes together. There are many situations in which you find yourself in desperate need of some simple code that can handle what your program wants to do.  216 more words


ZTE ZXHN ZXHN - Orange ADSL Vulnerability

Direct to the point. This script exploits the default configurations on Orange ADSL Modem/Router ZTE ZXHN H108N to get the ADSL user-name & password in plain-text. 158 more words


List All the Table Names in VB Net

How to List all data tables from a access .accdb file in VB.net using the ‘GetSchema’ Method. This tutorial is quick access to the problem.

Visual Basic

How to make an application "Alway on Top" in C++ (For Qt and Win32)

I use the following method to make an application remain on top of other windows in Qt:

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Vagrant with Hortonworks Sandbox!

I’ve been experimenting in trying to create a single node Hadoop cluster in order to attempt some Big Data related proof of concepts, as well as some internal projects that I’m tinkering with at work. 314 more words

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