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'Turok: Dinosaur Hunter' source code found on old hardware

YouTube channel SiliconClassics recently published a video showcasing what appears to be the source code for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, a first-person shooter that missed the Nintendo 64’s launch window by roughly six months. 7 more words


Installing Gitless from source code

Git receives a lot of flack for having a poorly created UI on top of a technological monster. Underneath the hood, it may be a best of an engine, but the user gets to use a 5-in-1 for its keys. 347 more words


Source Code.

Q177. Define Source Code.

Ans. Source Code is a program, in original form i.e., code in the programming language.

[Source code] Compass++

Compass++ is a compass app with additional main menu to determine the direction of Qibla for Muslims when performing their daily prayer.

These are screenshots of this app: 37 more words


State of Intellectual Property [Copyright] in Uganda

We (Elmot Ltd) have dragged Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to court over infringement of our copyright for web software. URA engaged us through another a third party, to improve URA’s then website which was decried for being not user-friendly by the public. 870 more words


Deciphering our future from the past [1]

All living organisms, from unicellular organisms to multicellular organisms have similar templates responsible for their being which is the genetic code. And over time life has evolved from unicellular to multicellular, and peaked at us, humans. 345 more words

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The first look at Duncan Jones' Berlin-set neo-noir 'Mute'

Duncan Jones is the wonderful directorial mind behind the Sam Rockwell-starring Moon (2009) and then Jake Gyllenhaal vehicle Source Code (2011). Next up is his new Netflix series… 191 more words