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Setup git in visualStudio 2015

Here is example git on github working with Visual Studio.

Step 1: Go to your github, if you don’t have an account, please create it because it allows you upto 1GB each repositories. 158 more words

Source Control

Setting a Git Mergetool

A Good article describing how to set a Git Merge Tool at the command line:

Pimp My Git – Git Mergetool


Time your shots

John Harvey, Week 10 Journal

Week 10 the hopeful final stretch for my shield & sling code!!!

This week a very brief reflection notifier on the shield. 189 more words

Series: You're doing it wrong! (YDIW) - PILOT

For those who are familiar with Jeff Foxworthy, you’ll know his signature joke format:  If you <insert stupidity here>, you might be a redneck!  In that vein, I am starting a series of posts in the format:  If you <insert anti-pattern here>, you’re <emphasis statement> doing it wrong!   283 more words


Reflection state, Bounce Back

John Harvey, Week 8 Journal

This week my main focus was on the shield and how it can bounce projectiles back towards the enemies. Also, I needed to integrate my code with Noah’s. 117 more words


Camerawork, Boundaries, and Source Control

It’s the end of the second week of development. The programming team worked on building the main mechanics of the game such as shooting, blocking, and enemy behavior. 358 more words

The Four Commandments for Keeping Your Team Out of Integration Hell

“Michael: There’s nothing here to fear.
Lucifer: Well, there’s always the truth.”

-Mike Carey

Source control can be hard. Source control can be terrifying. And worst of all, source control can be a real Biblical hell.

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