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The Professional VBA Developer

I came across a post on Programmer’s Stack Exchange yesterday that really irked me. It took me a little while to really digest what upset me about it, but I think I understand now. 582 more words


A peek at 1.3: VBE + GitHub

Can you guess what this sketch is for? That’s right, it’s an early-stage designer view of what will become a docked toolwindow giving your VBA IDE the exact same source control functionalities Visual Studio offers through its team explorer.


Really getting the latest changes with TFS

TFS Source Control doesn’t always get the latest changes. It gets what it thinks are the latest changes (and for the most part it gets it right if you work exclusively in Visual Studio). 100 more words

Tip Of The Day

How to recover deleted files, folders and branches in TFS

In Visual Studio go to the menu item Tools–>Options…

Then navigate to the Source Control –> Visual Studio Team Foundation Server section.

In that section is a check box that says “Show deleted items in the Source Control Explorer” 117 more words

Tip Of The Day

See a Need, Fill a Need

I’ve been fairly absent from this blog lately. I’ve been busy working on a new release of Rubberduck and, honestly, there are only so many hours in a day. 651 more words


Using SourceTree on the Mac with github

I’m using github for a large project with multiple developers – there have been a few wrinkles using the github mac client so we switched to… 245 more words

Mobile Development

How to fix TFS invalid binding in Visual Studio

This thing annoys me! It happens sometimes when you copy a project from one TFS solution to another TFS solution. Though the fix pretty easy as follows. 31 more words

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