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Scripts – A Living History

As a DBA, I have a collection of scripts that I use for anything from auto-fixing logins to seeing who has the DAC.  Since I’ve been a DBA for a while (yeah, a while, we’ll go with that) I have quite the collection of scripts and I am constantly adding to it.  … 356 more words

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One Tool to Rule Them All – Almost

There we so many cool announcements at the PASS Summit this year, but one of my favorites was the “One Tool to Rule Them All”. The SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) teams and the Visual Studio (VS) team have finally teamed up together to give us one tool to do all our development work for Databases, SSIS, SSAS & SSRS. 557 more words

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Git Quick tutorial

1) Choose online private/public codebase: bitbucket or github.
2) install Git for windows
3) Generate an SSH key pair using: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C “your_email_here” 171 more words

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Cómo renombro una rama remota en git?

Renombre la rama localmente
git branch -m rama_vieja rama_nueva

Borre la rama vieja
git push origin :rama_vieja

Envíe (push) la rama nueva y añada una referencia de seguimiento (tracking reference), vea… 41 more words


How to rename a git remote branch?

Rename branch locally
git branch -m old_branch new_branch

Delete the old branch
git push origin :old_branch

Push new branch and add a tracking reference, see… 43 more words


My Build and Deploy Process (as Requested by Bill Fellows)

Recently I attended Reg-Gate’s SQL in the City event in Seattle, WA. I was in Seattle for the annual PASS Summit, you can read about my… 874 more words


mvn release:prepare and release:perform with BitBucket

Whilst many people might find this is easy, I think I have google zillions of page just to get a simple mvn release:prepare and mvn release:perform… 929 more words

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