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Debugging by binary searching through code revisions

What do you do when all normal debugging means fail? You can reproduce a bug, but the debugger just doesn’t seem to pinpoint it. Print statements have helped narrow it down, but it doesn’t make sense. 718 more words


Still Here

I’ve put the job search on hold for a while. Right now I have more work than I can handle and I’m doing a lot of reading/learning and the phone interviews are just a huge distraction. 461 more words


Choosing the Right Source Control

Git has become wildly popular as a version control system in the development community. Companies large and small, individuals, the open source community, and others swear by Git. 39 more words


Mary Rose Cook's "Git in Six Hundred Words"

I can see this becoming a new genre of technical literature, instead of a cheat sheet, a very brief narrative, the first few words begin: 105 more words


Migrating from Gitolite to GitHub Enterprise

Recently, we performed a mass migration of our git repositories from Gitolite to GitHub Enterprise.

We had found that the level of maintenance required on Gitolite was quite high, and had quite an impact on the team that was looking after it due to the configuration complexity. 1,032 more words


TFS Search Tool

Through using TFS I realised that the history functionality within the Source Control feature did not show all the required information so I set about creating my own Desktop tool which would connect into the TFS and provide more relevant information. 77 more words

Could not connect to GitHub.com in Visual Studio 2015

In Visual Studio 2015 when you try to connect to GitHub you may get the message “Could not connect to GitHub.com”. The problem for this could be that you didn’t include GitHub extenstion feature during installation of the Visual Studio. 109 more words