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Doing a code merge when a VAR/ISV has renamed an object

This is probably general to Visual Studio (or any other development tool and source control), and not specific to Dynamics 365 for Operations; but after it ate up several hours of my life figuring out why a build wasn’t working, I thought I should share. 252 more words

Subversion to Github - move your code

A Step By Step Guide to Moving Your Source Code

The goal is to move source code from Subversion to Github retaining the history, release tags ,and  authors and removing any passwords… 536 more words


Git / GitHub Must-Dos

Setting your no-reply commit email address on GitHub


git config --global user.email "username@users.noreply.github.com"

Caching your GitHub password in Git


git config --global credential.helper cache

Version Management

I like to think of version management as placing chapters into the story of your codebase. Every time your code changes and is pushed out to production (whether that be an executable, a web application, an API or anything else), you should mark your source control system with a version. 636 more words


Avoiding Disaster Post Release

Mistakes are made. That is a fact and it is something that you may deal with and do your best to mitigate against. If you hold responsibilities for your source control respositories and/or the developers who commit to those repositories (especially anyone with the power to release to production), then you will need to keep track of what is happening to those repos. 656 more words


Github: file overlay icons

Summary: while apparently not a core part of Git/Github, the combination of Git Extensions and TortoiseGit does the job

Use case: within Windows/File Explorer, I want to see the status of my files relative to the Git repo, e.g. 214 more words


Source Control and Release Strategy

Over the past few years, I have seen – and implemented – a number of Git strategies, attempting to get source control working for you, in a way that makes sense to everybody yet simple enough that even the most junior or process inept developers can follow and maintain. 899 more words