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Visual Studio 2017 Irritants From the SSIS Developer View

I was among the many Integration Services (SSIS)/Database (DB) developers out there that cheered when Microsoft finally announced support for SSIS in Visual Studio 2017.  I mean really, … 669 more words


Why should I put my databases in source control?

Originally, I looked into database source control as a means of making sure that the database schema would always be available regardless of the catastrophe. I wanted to have a plan for the worst case scenario. 145 more words


Git rename a branch

Sometimes you already created a branch and checked your changes in, but then you realize that the branch name is not following the team’s naming standard. 111 more words


DevOps maturity assessment Part 1 - Source Control, Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing

We need to understand our organisation current state to reach where we want to be. Following DevOps maturity assessment will help to identify the current state. 437 more words


A Fun Little Bug Hunt

Hello again! So, I’ve been working with UE4 and I recently ran into a strange bug that ended up having an even stranger source. I thought I’d share it here, not only to help anyone who might run into the same thing but to make sure I never make the same mistake again. 455 more words


Bitbucket Extension for Visual Studio

I started working in a new company recently, one that uses the Atlassian Bitbucket repository for source control. I\m not a big fan, but it’s Git. 141 more words

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Configuring SSH authentication for Git on a Windows Jenkins worker

With many of the tools commonly used in a Continuous Delivery pipeline, Windows is not the original OS the tool was developed for. Although support and adoption are growing all the time, there can still be some pain points and gotchas in configuring some of them to work as you would expect on a Windows OS. 1,560 more words