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Git Fundamentals - Trying to simplify git

Since I started to develop I used control version tools to help me to develop with other developers. When I started to use git I thought that was like TSVC, but it is much more powerful. 745 more words


Set READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT Isolation Level in Database Project

A current project I’m working on has it’s database stored in Source Control (you should be using source control) using a Visual Studio .sqlproj file. Visual Studio is able to generate a SQL script to update the database to make the objects the same as what is in Source Control. 89 more words


TFS User - Why you need to switch to Git

Not too long ago, TFS and SVN were the only source control I had used. I had a very little experience of distributed source controls like Git. 758 more words

Building a simple release pipeline for ARM templates

Using release pipelines is a pretty common thing for agile developers, but not necessarily for IT Pros. However, they can still very much benefit from that process when working with their IT pro artefacts such as scripts, ARM templates, runbooks, Dockerfiles etc. 811 more words


Visual Studio 2017 Irritants From the SSIS Developer View

I was among the many Integration Services (SSIS)/Database (DB) developers out there that cheered when Microsoft finally announced support for SSIS in Visual Studio 2017.  I mean really, … 669 more words


GitKraken - Excellent Git Experience

This post is for those, who find “How to Git?” and “What is the meaning of life?” questions being equally challenging. My own struggle with source control lasted for years until I finally discovered GitKraken, which I can’t recommend enough! 346 more words

Why should I put my databases in source control?

Originally, I looked into database source control as a means of making sure that the database schema would always be available regardless of the catastrophe. I wanted to have a plan for the worst case scenario. 145 more words