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What Does An Air Purifier Do?

Source: Flickr If you ve been blowing your nose until you look like Rudolph and your head feels like it is about to take off from your sinus headache, you may be suffering from allergic reactions to the pollutants in your home. 31 more words

You Are Looking At The Wrong Source!

Aloha Friday, people! It’s Friday night! Yooo hooo! I was going to write blogs within my business hours, but I have a hot topic today. So, I’d better spell it out! 1,455 more words


The World of Pokémon Fan Games Has Become A Minefield

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Some of the people who make Pokémon fan games are scared, if not a bit angry. They’ve been crafting amazing Pokémon games that rival the official releases for a decade, dodging lawsuits and relying on increasingly dated tools. 2,688 more words


Exploring the Meaning of Life

The meaning of life has been debated for centuries since our brains could deliberate such concepts. Why are we here? What is right and wrong? What are we supposed to do? 1,084 more words

What I needed was a specific divine source of reconciliation and wholeness, a source that is connected to me in love, but does not come from inside of me. – Pastrix, Nadia Bolz-Weber

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Tips for Planning a Disneyland Vacation

Source: Flickr For many individuals, preparing a Disneyland Trip is part of the fun of the vacation itself! For others, nevertheless, it can be a headache. 46 more words