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I hope when you feel sorrow
you remember you are stardust
I hope when you feel joy
you remember you are stardust
I hope you remember


Quit Praying

I quit praying
how relieved God must be
blah-blah-blah in His ear
all day long
whining, complaining, begging
trying to manipulate
with soon forgotten promises… 25 more words


A Purpose

I walk leaving no footprints
I change nothing–not good, nor bad
A silent observer am I
I walk leaving no footprints
The world continues as if I never came… 22 more words


She held the universe in her palm

Random fact I stumbled on today:

Atoms, the building blocks of everything. Little sources of energy that join together to form most of the objects that surround us, are affected by the mere act of observation. 170 more words



Spirit sees me
Spirit holds me
Spirit dreams with me

when I slip into that space
in between thoughts
when my body rests
in between sheets… 57 more words


The Joy of Surrender

When we have recognized that we are not seeking to fix ourselves, but that we are looking to spiritually discern our intrinsic Perfection, we may then rest in the assurance that we of our own selves are not being asked to do anything here. 795 more words


Praise God?

Why do we praise God
surely He does not need it?
Do we praise to convince
ourselves of what we want
to believe but don’t quite yet? 93 more words