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F ree of fear for He’s always near
A ctions, not empty promises
T hankfulness lights the path
H elp in the hour of need… 13 more words


Pulling a logcat

I have never been accused of being the sharpest tool in the shed, but boy, have I been missing the biggest, most obvious way of figuring out my 6.0 problems. 349 more words


Compiling SlimRoms 6.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S4, T-Mobile (JFLTETMO SGH-M919)

I’ve noticed a pattern. Other than CM13, all of my 6.0+ roms compile successfully (eventually) but fail to actually run on the device. I am really not sure why this is, so I’ve been doing some research. 270 more words


Penny Promises

easy to give, hard to keep
too many are forgotten.
I want only penny promises
“In God we trust.”


Morning Serenades

There is that bird again
singing to attract his love.
I lift my voice in song, too
singing praise to my Lord
morning serenades of love.


EgyptAir victims' relatives give samples for DNA tests

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

CAIRO: Egyptian forensics officials collected DNA Tuesday (May 24) from relatives of EgyptAir Flight MS804 victims to help identify body parts retrieved from the Mediterranean, where the crash killed 66 people, the airline said. 254 more words

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Compile AOKP 5.0.2 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 T-mobile variant (JFLTETMO SGH-M919)


Let’s take a look:

Finding vertex sequence…
Removing backward edges…
0/0 dependencies (0.00%) were violated; 0 source blocks removed.
Reticulating splines…
using prebuilt boot.img from IMAGES… 565 more words