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Don't Think About It

“I’ll think about it tomorrow.”
Perhaps I’ll make a list of
all the things I don’t want
to think about, too complicated,
too scary, too sad. 93 more words



We see a disfigured man
begging on the sidewalk,
and think “there but for
the grace of God go I.”
What is the grace of God… 88 more words


My Favorite Color

My favorite color is blue,
unless, of course, it’s green.
Will you say I’m fickle for
liking all colors in between?

I love sunny days, 18 more words


I Can Laugh

If I can laugh, I know I’m alive
and well. If I can smile, I can
spread the light of love for
those who feel beaten down. 37 more words


Love Bargin

I love you
makes me feel
trapped by your need.
The price is too high
for your love
comes with demands.

Do I do the same… 37 more words


Pokémon Go Bug Is Turning Buddy Monsters Into Giants

(Source: kotaku.com)

Pokémon games tend to scale monsters down, so you don’t get a good sense of a creature’s true size (according to the lore.) A recent glitch within Pokémon Go presents the opposite problem: it is making Pokémon ENORMOUS. 107 more words


Born to Shine

As believers, children of God, sons and daughters of the living King, we are born to shine!

Today as I listened to a preach at church about Jesus being the light of the world, God started talking to me. 771 more words