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No More Time

I will not die
but rather fade away
when at last there is
no more time
for yet another day.


On Being Bored

comes from laziness
unwillingness to explore
to dream
to reach for the stars
boredom—the doorway
to old age.


ICECAST // Relaying forward with ffmpeg // icecast to icecast

ffmpeg -hide_banner -loglevel panic -re -i -vn icecast://source:MYPASS@localhost:8000/test.mp3


fill the night
dreams play a counterpoint
in this symphony
of sleep.

For he who goes sleepless
night becomes a chore
oh, to rattle the windows
with dreams wrapped in snores.


SharePoint 2013: Identifying the variation source and target with PowerShell

While working with one reporting requirement I needed to eliminate the variation targets and only need to consider variation sources. I struggled to find out the property which will help me to identify the page is variation source or target. 108 more words

Microsoft SharePoint

Glories of Old Age

Although you are 30 years old
I do not envy your youth
it is but a fleeting stage
to begin to prepare
for the glories of old age. 81 more words