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Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord
let it echo across the land
love your brothers and sisters
reach out a helping hand.

Stop complaining about what’s wrong
work toward making things right… 14 more words


Pretty Good Day

It’s a pretty good day
when I wake-up to the sunshine.
It’s a pretty good day
for refreshing rain.
It’s simply a matter of attitude… 15 more words


november source


and its own whereabouts

and the many passions of the deal

and held on the taken

and what it other

and how it spoke… 30 more words


One Finger

Soon I’ll have only one finger
constantly tapping text messages
of abbreviated words
poems will become
R u re-d
texts typed with one digit
BRB I have a new message


Smart Phones

SmartPhones are making
dumb people
who have become addicted
to the insidious lure.

Virtual reality is not real at all
put down your phone
walk away… 27 more words


How You Think

What would we find
if we could read your mind?
Soap opera sin
gossip in the wind
or compassion for all?
You know it’s your call. 44 more words