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In SourceOne 3 Pocket Premium Clear Acrylic Business Card

· EMC sourceone Email Management Overview and Architecture:

This portion of the E22-185 exam consists of configuring and managing rules and activities.

This is the toughest part of the exam and consists of managing organizational policies and activities, configuring Universal URL and SSO and managing application configuration. 267 more words

Methods 12 Pack Sourceone Economy Clear Slant Back Sign

This topic includes explaining the layered architecture of EMC sourceone Email Management.

My son and I have created a list of various animal rubber band designs we’ve collected so far. 216 more words

Have a strategy for archiving? If not.. get one!

You need a plan for archiving

You have static data that needs to be archived in a secure way. This has to happen because the data volumes are exploding. 725 more words


Archiving To Help Solve BYOD

We have written before about the security, privacy, compliance and legal issues created by the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon.  And if BYOD seems difficult here in the US, it’s far more difficult in the EU with its stronger protection of personal data.  287 more words

EMC SourceOne 7 Archiving and eDiscovery: A Key Pillar of any Data Protection Strategy

As you may have already read in this morning’s EMC Data Domain and SourceOne blog,  EMC is taking data protection to the next level, and to that point, the version 7 release of EMC SourceOne is now available.  814 more words

eDiscovery and Sharepoint

I am consistently surprised that the eDiscovery of Microsoft Sharepoint repositories does not strike more fear into organizations.  Sharepoint is complex, contains different types of documents/objects, can have rich metadata and is a key repository for business content.   531 more words

Archiving: The Secret Sauce to IT Transformation (Part 3)

Lady Backup closes the 3rd part of this series by looking at archiving solution requirements.    I’ll frame this in the context of the key archiving benefits discussed in the last blog. 408 more words