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Class, Thursday, 3/26

Evaluating Sources

Questions: Rhetorical Analysis final draft, Proposal Vlog, Critical Essay, anything else?

Fastwrite: So for today you read danah boyd’s piece “Always On” – jot down a couple questions you have of that work? 119 more words


Good interviews are a journalist's best friend.

Today I interviewed a total of five people for various stories I’ve been working on. One of these was a particularly awesome interview, ya know, the kind where the source has long responses, doesn’t think you’re weird for asking random personal questions, and even enjoys the interview. 170 more words

Building a relationship with my main character

Christina Guy is the main source and primary character in my story. When telling a story about a huge portion of a person’s life, it’s important to get to know them on a deeper level. 276 more words

But I have earnestly to entreat of your Lordship, that some more attention may be Paid in the Selection, in the next Embarkation of Prisoners, than certainly was shewn in the choice of those which accompanied me.

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Van Diemen's Land

Blenheim Passenger List

There are a number of sources of information about who was on the Blenheim, and while it is not always clear it does seem that some existing published lists are not completely accurate. 2,196 more words


3/25 - Thinking 'Bout Argument and Structure

For today, you should’ve commented on Halle’s post and commented on my Monday lesson plan with some plans of your own for this unit.

Today, we are going to: 116 more words

Lesson Plans

As the Health of the People is as much an object of Consideration as their sustenance in the present Substitution of Kangooroo for Salted Meat, the Commissary will not receive any Kangooroo that appears green or at all tainted.

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Van Diemen's Land