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CC:Dolchstoß(Et tu, Brute)

How do people feel when they hear they might get outsourced?
They feel betrayed.
Should people feel betrayed?
Of course they should.

It doesn’t even matter if it outsourcing is actually going to happen, just the idea that their management is considering outsourcing as an option will feel like a stab in the back to their employees. 428 more words


CC:No Exit( Homo homini lupus)

Why do managers outsource their workforce?
Do you really want to know?
It’s because they are afraid..

If you read the literature and studies you get another answer: you get a given one and one that is being denied. 830 more words


CC: Kick off(Genesis)

What makes you an expert?
Is it because you know something very well?
Is it because you know more than someone else does about a given subject? 433 more words


Don't Lump All Information Together! -- My Thoughts on a Recent Gokaleo.com Article

I was intrigued last week when I came across a new (to me) blog called gokaleo.com, which offers a culturally-relevant and well-written take on various issues touching on nutrition, wellness and parenting, and does so with a nice dose of humor and irony (the name itself is the first clue).  1,325 more words


Cheap Alternatives to TalentBin

I recently had a demonstration for Monsters new tool Talent Bin. I was interested in TalentBin before Monster got their grubby little hands on it. It’s actually a great tool. 824 more words

Internet Sourcing

Why doTERRA? Why anything else is really the question!

When I was deciding which essential oil company I did a lot of research, there are a LOT of companies to choose from!!!  I do my best to support all products made in the USA, but when it comes to getting the best quality & “bang for the buck” I couldn’t ignore the most important thing about doTERRA… their commitment to getting the plants from the source, where it’s grown the best.   929 more words

Essential Oils

"Crying is for plain women, pretty women go shopping"

The quote above is claimed to be Oscar Wilde’s words. After months of going through social media’s many quotes signed with Oscar Wilde. I decided to get to the bottom of it all. 177 more words

Oscar Wilde