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Seeded multigrain sourdough

Hello rye sourdough how wonderful you are. Moving on from your plain normal rye sourdough I decided to explore rye and seeded sourdoughs. Again the most wonderful wild yeast blog comes to the rescue with an amazing  251 more words


a black sesame and milk babka and a chocolate chestnut babka

Sending emails is a bit nervewracking. Part of this is because I tend to overthink what I send in emails (I should apply some of that thinking to what I say in blog posts so they don’t all consist solely of: oh, I enjoy blogging + oh, I am a bit tired lately). 958 more words


Sourdough English Muffins

If you love sourdough and you love English muffins, you should really give these a try. They aren’t hard and don’t take two days like some of the bread I like to make. 648 more words


Sourdough Corn Crepe

I was brainstorming how to serve pescado rodrigo, and making them into fish tacos seemed like an obvious choice. Store-bought tortillas didn’t sound all that appealing, though, and since I’d been wanting to try to make a sourdough-based cornbread for a while, I went with that. 264 more words



Exploring new territory at the moment. Brioche is one of my favourite sweet bread and I love french toast for breakfast. Found a recipe on the fresh loaf, I have to say this was such a faff to do, and it was not the smoothest of cooking process. 614 more words


When in doubt, bake bread

Generally, I’m a bit of a carbophobe. I lose weight when I avoid wheat, and constantly wonder whether I might not be a little bit gluten intolerant. 652 more words


Grain Mill

My grain mill came today!! We tried it out and oh my I was so surprised. This mill grinds finer flour than my other mill. I know that I will have fluffier and healthier breads.