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Sourdough: The King of All Bread

I did not need another hobby. But it happened. Despite my initial resistance to even trying to make sourdough bread, I fell for it. I suppose most people do. 1,569 more words


45. G's Sourdough Bread

I know, I’ve made seventy gajillion kinds of bread lately. Call it a brief infatuation with the ol’ stand mixer… and a long-standing love affair with bread. 360 more words

You know you’re old when . . .

According to Little J, you know you are old when you meet the following criteria:

1. You can wear all of your birthday presents.

2. More than 90% of those presents are in the gray color palette.

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#Bread is on the rise - my @AlbertaatNoon column for May

Despite being punched down by the “wheat belly” gluten-free movement, bread is once again on the rise. Why is bread making a comeback? Maybe it’s because gluten (the protein found in wheat responsible for giving bread it’s elasticity) wasn’t the evil culprit some claimed it to be. 263 more words

Alberta At Noon

How To Make Sourdough Bread

I baked my first ever loaf of sourdough bread this past week and it surprisingly turned out really well! A few weeks ago when I ordered the Nigari for… 548 more words


Pizza Dough and Sourdough

I actually have two projects going right now. A few years ago, when I was feeling gung-ho, I made some sourdough starter and got in the habit of making sourdough bread once a week or so. 525 more words