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First Time Home All Weekend

Except for a vacation and a few short deployments (a total of 8 times) I have been going to my parents’ house at least one weekend day each week since October 2003.  346 more words

The WB Life: Time Flies

Hello my lovelies! It feels like not much of an update this week. The days have zipped by. Always the way when you start something new. 440 more words

The Winsome Baker

Sourdough: The Holy Grail of Bread

The Bread Illustrated cookbook presents its recipes from easiest to most difficult. The first chapter is “Starting from scratch: 12 foolproof breads that teach the basics”. 515 more words


Black bread

This recipe contains blood. If you are a fan of black pudding its worth a go. Its not the sort of thing you’d eat every day, but goes really well with soups and stews. 566 more words


Tri-Colour Quinoa Honey Whole Wheat SD Loaf And SD English Muffins

Recently, I had a craving for English muffins and this weekend I tried a new recipe I found on line, which used sourdough starter. It ended up being a bit fiddly to execute and the finished muffins were much bigger than I liked. 397 more words


on being self-sustaining

Since I started baking my own bread last year, I have been feeling more “able“. 

Bread has always been my favorite food. Strange enough after I started baking my own loaves, the amount of bread I consumed has reduced. 381 more words


Breakfast Bread

Hello, friends. It’s been a couple weeks since I have posted anything, so I’m here today to write about a delicious invention. I love to make bread, and I wanted to do something different for our church’s Easter Breakfast. 512 more words