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Time for Bread

Today, I made bread. Correction: Today, I Made Bread. As in, Proper Bread. Bread that takes time. The sort of time for the little things that are actually quite big things, which are so often pushed to the side in our all too hectic, pressure-crazy, fast-fast, quick-quick, SMART-criteria lives. 718 more words


Homemade Sourdough Bread

What is better than homemade sourdough bread? We have always loved the crispy crust and tangy crumb of a well made loaf of sourdough bread, and decided to learn how to culture our own starter and make our own bread. 1,873 more words


Burnt Leeks, Porcini & Hazelnuts 

Rootstock. I’ll be honest, when the idea of going to this organic food festival at Eveleigh was first floated, I envisioned a bunch of hippies congregating around some carrots and turnips, maybe a beetroot or two. 458 more words


Giving thanks for a good year

My town’s final farmers market of 2015 was short but sweet. During the special two-hour event held the day before Thanksgiving in West Lafayette, I managed to sell all of my sourdough hearth breads and quite a few straight-yeasted “brown and serve” rolls. 884 more words


Sourdough success

It’s no secret that the mass produced bread available in supermarkets is full of rubbish in the form of preservatives, and that it’s notoriously bland.  This is another reason why I enjoy making and baking bread myself.   197 more words

Baking And Cooking

Sourdough Soft Pretzels

It’s pretzel time again! Oh yes. This time though, I used my fabulous sourdough starter. I am finding a ton of uses for this starter and I absolutely love it. 372 more words


2. Sourdough bread variation with Rye flour

I followed the same steps as for the previous sourdough bread I made. The only difference is I replaced one of the three 300g of bread flour with 300g of rye flour. 30 more words