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I have now made my own sourdough starter from scratch. Using different flours, I have experimented with Rye flour, Spelt and even Khourosan, or Kamut as it is also known, and each one has grown successfully and become a usable sourdough starter. 456 more words


MORE sourdough activities in the foodbod kitchen..

I must stop photographing every loaf I make…I really must…but I’m just so proud of them!!! Each and every one! I’m endlessly amazed that I have created every bit of each loaf by hand, and like giving birth, I can’t help but want to celebrate every creation :) … 687 more words


Raising slow dough to make tastier bread that's better for you.

Here at The Fresh Loaf Club, we believe humans have been making and enjoying good bread since the dawn of agriculture. Heck, agriculture was probably just a way to get more wheat so they could eat more bread, and why not? 328 more words

Fresh Bread

Bread: 100% Rye Starter, Tartine and No-Knead Brioche

It’s time for a proper bread baking post. It’s been a long time since I’ve dedicated an entry to bread and the last one was not that informative. 1,340 more words


Dutch Kills sourdough

I am thrilled with my locally harvested yeast sourdough, mmmm.


Sourdough Hot Cross Buns!

We’ve all had the regular run of the mill hot cross buns but these take hot cross buns to a whole new level!

You will need: 341 more words


Guinness Polenta Porridge Bread

I’m a little late for a St. Paddy’s day bread, but I do have to say this one is worth the wait.  The combination of Guinness, polenta with mixed whole grain flakes as a porridge and potatoes created a wonderfully moist and flavorful loaf.  705 more words

Sour Dough Breads