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Arizona Sourdough Bread

I’m happy to report that the sourdough bread came out perfectly!  My new starter has a ways to go before it is as sour as my ten-year old one that I had had going in California for all those years.   663 more words

Kue Cubit Sourdough

Suatu malam, Ammar ngambek. Kalau ngambek semua jurus dia keluarkan, salah satunya minta buatin kue cubit seperti sulap, harus detik itu juga.

Alhasil setelah bernegosiasi, kami sepakat untuk eksekusi kue cubit besok pagi dengan beberapa persyaratan yang harus dipenuhi kedua belah pihak, Ammar dan Mommy. 190 more words


random thoughts

Another beautiful day :) I hope everyone else is also having a similar experience.

In contrast to yesterday, I woke up with some anger in my mind. 208 more words


Making Sourdough Bread: The Yeast Has Landed

Other than the growing quantity in the bowl as I feed my concoction, nothing new has occurred with it. Every time I go to whisk it I find that the water has mostly separated from the flour and I’d sitting on the top. 148 more words


In My Kitchen - May 2016

It’s May and spring is in full force here in South Carolina.  I originally had several things I was going to put in this In My Kitchen post, including things I’ve forgotten in recent months.   839 more words

In My Kitchen

Sourdough bread #1

So here we are, my first loaf of the blog.

Step 1. Feed my starter.

Early afternoon i ‘fed’ my starter a cup of flour & a cup of water.   570 more words


I Asked the Universe for a Sign and It Gave Me a Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

It was over a decade ago that I first discovered the joys of sourdough baking. My incredibly rooted, foodie sister-in-law gave her brother, my then live-in boyfriend, a sourdough starter for his birthday. 1,325 more words