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How can someone who used to be gluten intolerant (for real) eat so much bread? I’ve written about sourdough before, but I am enamoured, so here I go again. 360 more words


Making a dough proofer and more red lentil soup.

I have really struggled posting since we returned from our trip. This has resulted, I think,  from a combination of a few things. It is so flipping cold, wet and miserable here we just haven’t been doing a lot of work, there is an element of frustration that we are so close, yet so far away from completing the target  and I fear I just keep repeating the same old thing. 1,361 more words


The Rise of Sourdough

This crusty loaf with it’s piquant taste is not merely bread.  It is a handcrafted thing of beauty and art, that serves as a homage to our bread making ancestors. 422 more words


Multigrain disaster that tastes great

Now, I call this one a disaster, but it isn’t truly all bad. The loaf tastes delicious and the issue is that I let it sit over night to prove, which was too long and so the dough collapsed resulting in a pancake shaped loaf. 309 more words


Sourdough and a balanced diet

One of the most common questions I get when I share the bread I am making is “who’s eating all of this bread?” The answer is my family and I, and the occasional gracious co-worker. 354 more words


My first attempt at sourdough bread - more practise needed

​I have baked bread many times before and I love to add seeds and try different flours. Recently I finally got round to buying some sourdough starter. 200 more words


Sourdough Chocolate Chia Pudding Scones 

I’m constantly trying to find recipes that help me use up my “discard” portion of my sourdough starter. I’m obsessed with pumpkin scones, but I also figured a bit of variety wouldn’t be a bad thing. 634 more words