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Bristol: bees and bakeries

When I was in Bristol for the weekend, everything seemed to revolve around bees and bread. My default setting is to gravitate towards anything carb-based: if a street was on fire and there was a decent bakery with loaves inside, I would run towards it! 444 more words

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Quest for improvement

A year or so ago the Big T and I created a sourdough starter: flour, water and whatever bacteria and yeasts inhabit our kitchen. We feed it, keep it warm and sniff it a lot to check its health. 81 more words


Still baking

Fresh bread made daily at mrs b’s.

The secret?

Our home cultures ferment.


E5 Bakehouse (London)

I’d like to firstly state that this review is not sponsored, and thus my passion for E5 bakehouse is not exaggerated – I genuinely think this place does the best sourdough in London. 380 more words


Rillette & Cornichons on Scallion Sourdough

We can’t resist thoseĀ little plastic tubs of pork rillettes found in the fridge section of French supermarkets. Here’s what happened the end of the tub we brought home. 214 more words


Bread done two ways

A little experiment with my bread this weekend. These two loaves were mixed and proofed together, but one was baked soon after shaping, the other had another 24 hours of cold fermentation in the fridge. 386 more words


First Autumn bread

With the autumnal equinox this past week and the rich harvest of fruit on the trees, it was the perfect opportunity to bake a warming spiced loaf. 35 more words