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Starter Time!

I started mine today, did you? If you did, leave a comment and I’ll post reminders for the next week and then weekly afterward to feed it.


Sourdough Chocolate Cupcakes

In my never ending quest to keep up with my sourdough starter, I found this recipe on the King Arthur Flour site. They made a cake with a frosting and a drizzle. 263 more words

Day 22

This is the Last Day guys.  So the night before ( Day 21), I made this lump of doughy looking thing —————————–>

It looks a lot more dry than all the mixtures so far, that might be because of the enlarged proportions but I don’t know. 410 more words

I am a human who dreads mistakes. Like most humans I suspect. But my dread, of such a mundane and common place thing, has inhibited so much in my life. 256 more words


How to bake sourdough with The Thoughtful Bread Company, Bath

Forget everything you think you know about baking bread.

Think you need warm water? You don’t.

Think you need a warm place to prove dough? You don’t. 566 more words

Arugula Quiche with Sourdough Crust

Continuing my quest to use our glut of arugula, I decided to make a quiche for potluck last night. I immediately started fantasizing about a delightfully tart crust adding another layer of complexity to the pie — sure enough, I wasn’t the first to think of this, and I found excellent guidance right away. 510 more words

Casseroles And Baked Dishes

Sourdough Starter

As a baker by heart I’ve been on a kick lately. I didn’t bake very much for a while when I lived with my parents as their oven was not very reliable. 184 more words