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Crossing the river

This first week of March marked new beginnings for the project.

The Students Union have agreed to let us use the kitchen to pilot the bakery project on a bigger scale. 295 more words


Welcome to our blog: starting up

Kind greetings to you who enter our newly opened blog, where we will be trying to publish content about our bakery endeavours, successes, mistakes etc. When most things fade at the coming of autumn, we have (this is not the last sourdough bread pun by the way) ‘risen slowly’ since the end of last summer, baking from home, selling to a close circle of friends, participating in events, planning the next stages, and overall, trying to make sense of a large amount of things that none of us had any experience in. 99 more words


Scarlett's First Loaf

This morning I made my first loaf of sourdough using Scarlett, daughter of Priscilla. Thanks to Celia for sending the starter, I think we are going to be having lots of fun with this!! 103 more words


Sourdough Newbie

After seeing the awesome blog The Zero-Waste Chef’s post on making a sourdough starter, I decided to do it myself. It started off by being a dough all instead of the thick pancake batter consistency that it was supposed to be, but I mixed in a little more water and decided to still try anyway. 52 more words

Insect Invasion

It all started in late January. Things warmed up, and we were giddy with excitement. Idaho can be a cold place for a few months each year, but this year was going to be different. 658 more words


Sourdough Sandwich Bread

I think the reason I don’t make perfect sourdough boules is because I’m always too concerned about the amount of starter discard I have created. I’m so worried about using up this “waste” that I focus on recipes that use it up, instead of recipes for the bread itself. 765 more words

Wild Fermentation: Cabbage and Salt

Why kraut and kimchi are just as hipster as micro-brewing

Eating seasonally today is undoubtedly a good idea and has become very fashionable. It is always exciting when strawberries and asparagus come into season, but what about the humble cabbage? 405 more words