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VIBES 2015

Whoa… This was my first Gathering Of The Vibes. Most of the band has done this plenty of times before but it was new to me. 2,750 more words

Gathering Of The Vibes


My oldest child is a tall, slender, handsome twelve-year-old boy, with a near-perfect smile beneath his braces and heartthrob hair. (Think of a cross between Rob Pattinson in the Twilight films & David Tennant as the 10th Doctor). 542 more words


Following British MP Jeremy Hunt with a Sousaphone

A bit of fun here when a Channel 4 presenter decided to send a Sousaphone after Jeremy Hunt. His reaction is priceless. Watch the video below.


KKK March Gets a Soundtrack

KKK Gets a Soundtrack (posted by Irina Bella on Youtube)

Original Video Removed

I saw this on WGN 9 Morning News this morning and had to post this on my site. 9 more words

I wish I were younger.

It’s a pretty common feeling among us all. We all wish we were younger. I know that if I were younger, I wouldn’t be lugging around an extra forty to sixty pounds of crap around my torso. 34 more words


Beautiful Women Playing Tuba pt. 56

It is my utmost pleasure to introduce to you, the most beautiful jazz dancer in Phoenix, Arizona, Ashley!

P.S. Gig tonight at the Volcanic Theatre Pub in Bend, Oregon. Show starts at 9.