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Inspirations - The Rosebud Orchestra

Recently, I created this post for Instagram and I started reminiscing about these ladies again and how much they really did inspire me.  Great grandma Mildred is pictured above with the sousaphone and the latest hairstyle of the day called the Marcel Wave. 243 more words


I’ve been in Switzerland this weekend, staying with my daughter and her family. Unfortunately I haven’t found time to finish the story that I planned to post today – I’m sorry about that. 599 more words

Descriptive Prose

Let's give Trump a welcome he will never forget ...

A new website is being developed here in preparation for the State Visit of The President of the United States of America. We do not yet know when that will be, but it seems extremely likely that it will take place even though well over million people have petitioned the government to cancel the invitation. 392 more words

Mariachi Band