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People of Namibia - the Owambo

Travelling in Namibia you’ll meet the Owambo people (Aawambo).  They make up the largest population group in Namibia. Tourists in Namibia love having their photos taken with Owambo ladies who come to town dressed in their finest traditional outfits. 11 more words


People of Namibia - The OmuHimba

On a holiday to Namibia you’ll see a variety of exotic people that add to the character of the country.  Namibian tourism is as much about its people as the landscapes and wildlife, and the Himba people are a fascinating tribe to get to know better. 11 more words


Places to see in South Africa - Simon's Town

A holiday to South Africa with Lekker Adventures always includes a trip to the iconic Simon’s Town, home of the South African naval base. It is located on the shores of False Bay, on the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula.Bookmark/Search this post with Facebook LikeGoogle Plus OneLinkedin Share ButtonShare on FacebookTweet Widget… 8 more words


Cape Route 62 - dine on the best lamb in the world

If your travel guide doesn’t introduce you to the simple delights of Karoo lamb, ask for your money back.  Before the end of a holiday to South Africa… 42 more words