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It's your party Evelyn!

Just like the weddings, we will concurrently post your best pictures of the party you held anywhere around the world as long as you are natively Zimbabwean. 121 more words


Whale Watching in Cape Town

I love whale watching. Growing up in Cape Town, I have always been lucky enough to watch these gentle giants enjoy our ocean. This past weekend I decided to do a whale watching boat trip in Cape Town. 534 more words


STARS! ... and Some Other Stuff.

It’s been a busy week and I have lots to ramble about. Last Sunday was my first time hosting guests for the evening meal. Personally, I would consider it a roaring success—I only smashed one bowl and that was in the kitchen, not in front of guests, so it barely counts. 1,156 more words

South Africa

தன்ஸானிய தேசிய விமானம் தென்னாபிரிக்காவில் தடுத்து வைப்பு

தன்ஸானிய தேசிய விமான சேவைக்குச் சொந்தமான விமானமொன்றை தென்னாபிரிக்க அதிகாரிகள் கைப்பற்றியுள்ளதாக தன்ஸானிய அரசாங்கம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது.

தென்னாபிரிக்காவின் ஜொஹன்னஸ்பர்க் நகரில் இருந்து தன்ஸானியாவின் டார் எஸ் சலாம் நகருக்குப் பயணமாகத் தயாராக இருந்த நிலையிலேயே குறித்த எயார்பஸ் 220-300 ரக விமானம் கைப்பற்றப்பட்டுள்ளது. 57 more words

Janine van Wyk: South Africa captain signs for Danish club Fortuna Hjorring

South Africa captain Janine van Wyk

South Africa captain Janine van Wyk has joined Danish side Fortuna Hjorring, becoming the first South African woman to play football in Denmark. 134 more words



You can buy me expensive chocolates and I will enjoy them but my favourites are Smarties! For those who are not South African these little chocolate pebbles are covered by different coloured crisp sugar that you can suck until the chocolate oozes out or bite sharply into them.   1,318 more words

Who gets the axe? - RWC 2019 Bok squad

With the Springbok squad Rugby World Cup announcement just a day away, and with media all over South Africa speculating about which one out of the current 32-man squad will miss out, I thought I should add my voice into the conversation. 1,005 more words