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Argentinian Hitler Youth Rough Up Kike Larvae

A Friday feel-good story, to offset a disappointing week:

Argentinian pupils in Nazi dress attack Jewish students

Children from a German school in Buenos Aires wearing swastika armbands and fake Hitler moustaches attacked pupils from a Jewish school in a resort where several Nazi war criminals lived for decades after the Second World War, including Dr Josef Mengele, Auschwitz’s “Angel of Death”.

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A new favourite country: Uruguay

After my February 2016 visit to Uruguay, it jumped into my top three favourite countries list.

Lots of forthcoming articles where I explain why, but this recent article —  45 more words




Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 142 km N of Guayaquil, Ecuador / pop: 1,952,029 / local time: 23:25:28.1 2016-08-25
13 km NE of Portoviejo, Ecuador / pop: 170,326 / local time: 23:25:28.1 2016-08-25… 10 more words

Earthquake Alert

Security in Venezuela

Hey, friends, it has been a while since I’ve posted! For three weeks I didn’t have internet in my apartment, nor a phone line. Now that I do have internet, it is so slow in the evenings that I can rarely even load a normal website.   1,109 more words


Renovated Women's Prisons and National Condor Parks in Córdoba

With the days starting to dwindle down as I neared my departure date (against my will since the airlines said I could not possibly stay one day more or risk losing my ticket altogether), we tried to make the most of every weekend we had left. 822 more words


Boliviaanse bussen overleven in 7 stappen

De bus. Op een hop-on-hop-off na is het een fantastisch en goedkoop transportmiddel. Maar in Bolivia -en bij uitbreiding misschien heel Zuid-Amerika- is het toch nog net iets avontuurlijker dan in Europa. 331 more words


Hola from the Quilotoa Loop! 

We just got back from the Quilotoa Loop in Ecuador. It is a remote, bumpy, mountainous road linking several high Andean villages and towns with the city of Latacunga. 816 more words