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Attacked by a sheep!

Moritz and I were about to separate. We had the last few days of cycling together, spend long evenings sitting and cooking infront of tent, talking, watching the dark sky full of star constellations of the southern hemisphere. 441 more words


Missionary In Bolivia Returning Home For Pittsburgh Marathon

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Jeff Sved is a man on a mission. A missionary, in fact, working in the prisons of Bolivia. He ministers to societal outcasts in one of the poorest countries in South America. 281 more words


south american tour: uruguay


Visiting Punta del Este in April is like celebrating Kwanzaa in the Vatican or the 4th of July in Islamabad. With only 9,000 permanent residents, the Uruguayan coastal town would be irrelevant if not for the half a million porteños and tourists that flock there every summer.  1,035 more words

Argentina News | Workers

Thousands from Argentina’s main unions protest economic policies in Buenos Aires
  • Demonstrators took to the streets to protest currency devaluation, inflation, and massive layoffs stemming from new President Mauricio Macri’s economic policies.
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Cold and Snow hit...Brazil!

Argiris Diamantis writes;
The translation that translate.google.com provides from Portuguese into English is not perfect, but we understand that there was rare snowfall in Brazil, with enormous drops in temperatures and meteorogists blame this on El Nino. 517 more words

Climate Always Changes

A trek through Annapurna is an adventure worth braving Nepal's post-earthquake PR for

At the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu one afternoon last March, Vinod Shakya was feeling contemplative. The dapper tour guide had spent the afternoon leading me and a dozen other tourists through the temple in the Nepali capital, past pilgrims wearing chains of marigolds and bands of macaques imperiously roving around stealing offerings. 1,224 more words


Worth the arduous climb

We were rewarded with this magnificent view of Glacier Grey immediately after reaching Paso John Gardner.  This view definitely made the arduous journey up the pass in a windy blizzard seem worth it. 14 more words

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