Ai, Picanha! : Grilling the Brazilian Prize Cut

My latest BBQ obsession is Brazilian Churrasco (pronounced like SHOE-HASS-KO). I’ve always loved a good ol’ Brazilian BBQ, but churrasco restaurants are pretty limited here in Singapore and not to mention, pricey. 732 more words

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Fast-casual restaurant focuses on freshness

With the abundance of Mexican and Tex-Mex food options around, one local business owner chose to look a bit further south when developing his first original fast-casual dining concept. 58 more words


Enjoy the winter sun in Miami

This lively city is famously known for their Art Deco architecture, wild night life, artistic, young crowd and of course, their beautiful beaches.

Enjoy the winter sun by hitting up South beach. 613 more words


Avocadoes - Butter that is surprisingly good fo you.

I am guessing that most of us wouldn’t be able to name any plant species that used to thrive on our planet millions of years ago, disappeared for a bit and then returned about twelve thousand years ago. 780 more words

Peruvian Empanadas

Empanadas are a Latin and South American go-to food that may be filled with a combination of meat & vegetables, fruit or cheese. A friend recently asked me “What’s the difference between a Peruvian empanada and a Mexican empanada?” 442 more words

Vegetarian Recipe

Thousands Protest Venezuelan Food Company, Polar

Things in Venezuela seem to veer from bad to worse every few months as the people continue to get more and more fed up with the government, the economy, and the slow collapse of the country. 342 more words

Paul Miguel Ortega Gonzalez

Moqueca (Brazilian Fish Stew)

It seems all cultures that had access to the bounty of the oceans have some sort of seafood soup or stew. The French have bouillabaisse, Italians have Cioppino which originated in Genoa but is very much a San Francisco staple. 330 more words

Baby Boomers