Moqueca (Brazilian Fish Stew)

It seems all cultures that had access to the bounty of the oceans have some sort of seafood soup or stew. The French have bouillabaisse, Italians have Cioppino which originated in Genoa but is very much a San Francisco staple. 330 more words

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The Infusion House

Once in a blue moon you come across something that inspires you, makes you happy or makes you feel like you’re at the right place at the right time. 700 more words

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A Recipe For Brazilian What?

We were thrilled to partner with our neighbors, Ten Thousand Villages, on today’s Tuesday Lunch. They had our Santa Fe Kitchen and Sonoma Room set for a celebration with beautiful South American decorations. 346 more words

Recipe Of The Week

CCKC Celebrates Brazil at Fair Trade Lunch

Today at our Tuesday Lunch, we will be celebrating Fair Trade Month in partnership with our neighbors at the Ten Thousand Villages store in Downtown Overland Park.  122 more words

Tuesday Lunch

Peruvian Food is Amazing

Peruvian food is delicious, that’s just a fact. It’s also one of the more interest cuisines in South America due to the variety of cultural influences on both the ingredients and cooking styles. 105 more words


Sunday Travel and Food: Lima, Peru

If you see Lima as some backwater, South American jungle with nothing but poor iterate farmers, guess again: the Peruvian capital is now the epicenter of South American haute cuisine. 2,762 more words

48. Costa Rica: Galo Pinto with Tilapia

Costa Rica, I have wanted to go to Costa Rica for ages! A breathtakingly beautiful country were the sun always shines and the jungle is still what little kids think it is, a place where wild life is still wild and alive. 469 more words

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