Stay tuned for a new restaurant spotlight!

Can you guess the cuisine?  Hint: South American infusions meet bold and  complex flavours.  I’ll be in the kitchen in one of Dubai’s greatest gems. Find out where tomorrow on the blog!

Nazca Kitchen Dallas

I know I know, we’ve been eating a lot of Dallas food lately, but this one was a surprise birthday gathering for my sister. After tasting the food I deem it worthy of the hour long trip it takes us Fort Worthians to get there lol! 290 more words


Time for some food and Salsa! in London

While we were having fun in London (see my previous post here), we still need to fill our bellies to give us the energy to keep going the rest of the evening. 561 more words


Karl’s South American Slaw

A while ago, Jan went to Napa and came back raving about Pica Pica’s arepas. She demanded that I learn how to make these  442 more words


Pi Day: Pastel de Choclo

If you needed a good excuse to eat pie, today is your day! The 14th day of the third month of the year, 3/14 has been designated Pi Day in celebration of the mathematical constant 3.14, or π. 505 more words


Ecuadorian Feast

“Friends with benefits” should include friends that cook. When my friend Jackie entertains, guests are spoiled rotten. Picking up your finished plate will earn you daggers. 135 more words


Traveling Chile, hiking Patagonia

I am only two days returned from my latest trip, a three-week stint through Chile and Costa Rica. Even though I’m drowned by a huddle of deep gray rainclouds in the winter of a New York February, my mind is still lapping up waves on the silky sand of Costa Rica’s beaches, and the rolling hills and refreshing winds of Chile are a not-so-distant memory. 326 more words