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Bodega Leicester

Bodega (http://www.bodegacantina.co.uk/) is a South American inspired chain. Leicester’s one is in St Martins Square( http://stmartinssquare.co.uk/

Bodega released their new menu and I joined a few bloggers last night to sample it out. 434 more words


Fish Tacos

This is a big cheat!   I’ve done these with some of the new fish products in the shop freezers….crispy battered fish fingers, …Tempura battered fish fingers, and older more familiar ones like Scampi and battered cod fillets etc etc etc….. 206 more words

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El Taquero - La Revisión

Whether you have been listening to Camilla Cabello’s Havana, reading Rick Steins Road to Mexico or you are just an avid cookery show fan (like me) it’s hard to deny the surge of influence of South American culture in food, music, news & fashion. 451 more words

Primeiro e último disco de Magín Díaz é celebração à vida

Imagine um cara que não sabe ler nem escrever, mas compôs algumas das canções que hoje compõem o registro folclórico nacional colombiano. Imagine viver praticamente no anonimato, não receber direitos sobre suas músicas e chegar aos 95 sem nunca ter gravado um disco solo. 232 more words

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Taco in the 'hood

It’s with happiness that I welcome another taco place in Copenhagen, so close to my home in Amager, so I’m super eager to try this one. 169 more words

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Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Fences

There is no easy way to say this. Tortoises hate fences.

They hate them so much that even if there is a football field’s worth of open roaming space on “their” side of the fence, if they see a fence, they will spend every ounce of energy they have trying to break through it. 151 more words

Farming Simulator 2017 Map Tour: Estancia Lapacho

Map Name: Estancia Lapacho

The new DLC introduces you to the new South American playground with its authentic landscape and unique vegetation. The new map has its own railway network that you can use to transport the native cows and the new crop type, sugarcane. 163 more words