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Filius Blue

Main Location: St Paul, Wineries, Etc

Some trucks are always more of a challenge and wait to find the opportunity for me to visit, believe me there are quite a few popped up that have mocked me with their distance (just gonna have to face the fact that certain trucks in Duluth and Bemidji will likely never find their way into one of my review save for freak strokes of luck), so it’s always a welcome pleasure when I can head out of my house before to fully explore one of these usually out-of-reach businesses. 1,374 more words

El Capo NQ, Manchester.

Finally…. After a couple of months of wanting to try this gaff, a couple of mates and I finally got around to sampling El Capo. The last time we attempted to go it was completely full, it was so busy we couldn’t even make it to the bar. 298 more words


Campfire Quesadillas

Freeze the leftovers and pack the frozen box into the esky. Depending on the weather, it will take a day or two to defrost, and given that we were camping in winter it wasn’t until the Monday lunch that we used the pasta for a campfire picnic. 656 more words


All fired up

It’s that time of year again, the tell-tale spiral of smoke swirling above gardens; backyards buzzing with talk and the evocative aroma of food sizzling on the barbecue. 507 more words


Sopaipillas - South American Pumpkin Fritters


As a child, Winter rains meant one possibility: that my mother would make sopaipillas. As the rain and wind battered against our windows, the smell of pumpkin would fill our home and soothe my unease at the turbulent sounds outside. 348 more words