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Light rush hour traffic over the Cambie Street Bridge

Is a light bulb as light as a feather? What about a light bulb of garlic? How many meteorologists does it take to change a light shower? 57 more words

Vancouver B.C.

A child's garden of remembering

Remembrance Day May be technically over for another year but I certainly couldn’t forget to mention the blazing memorial that I saw Friday, November 13, on the Cambie Street and 12th Avenue corner of Vancouver City Hall. 250 more words


War-like clouds gather over Edith Cavell Elementary

On the afternoon of October 29 the southern sky visible from the west side of the Cambie Village area brought to mind thoughts of calamity and war, which was perhaps fitting given where I was standing. 386 more words

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No shadow of a doubt when this photo was taken

Time was when people used shadows cast by the sun to determine where they were in the course of a day. Most, however, have long since ditched the sundial in favour of speed dial — preferring to use up-to-the-minute smartphones to get such information. 111 more words

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Protesting City Hall's new pot shop regulations

It’s old news now but way back on Monday (August 10), I saw a small group of people on the north-side of the 400 block of 12th Avenue, in front of City Hall, setting up a sidewalk protest in favour of free and unfettered access to marijuana. 345 more words

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Yuen Yuen Cafe

Yuen Yuen Cafe is a small Taiwanese cafe located on Cambie Street across from Oakridge Centre and right next to Samurai Sushi. 111 more words

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Knot really an owl but don't tell the crow

Thursday afternoon I was looking to catch a dumpster-diving crow in flight but instead it appears that I caught it trying to stare down a tree trunk that looked remarkably like a giant owl. 329 more words

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