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Honkers is still Bonkers

THOSE same old scents are still there on those same old streets. I catch the perfume of Peking duck, plump and perspiring, a little like me, as I saunter along these sultry pavements. 826 more words


Baby Driver

Edgar Wright, the British writer-director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, finally scores his first theatrical release in Hong Kong with Baby Driver. Billed as La La Land meets Drive, the film is a high-speed action musical shot on the streets of Atlanta. 42 more words


Survival Family

A scathing satire on the modern family and the lack of connection between generations, writer-director Shinobu Yaguchi’s Survival Family also speculates humorously about our technological dependency and inability to fend for ourselves in the outside world.
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Doklam Standoff Resolution: Interview of Maj Gen S B Asthana by SCMP

(Views of Major General S B Asthana,SM,VSM, (Veteran),

Questioned by Jiangtao Shi of South China Morning Post on 29 August 2017. 


Question 1 (SCMP)

Are you surprised that the over 70-day military standoff ended all of a sudden just days ahead of PM Narendra Modi’s trip to China for the BRICS summit? 2,216 more words


Adapted from one of Stephen King’s most successful and popular horror stories, It follows a group of small-town teenagers tormented by a demonic clown. While he has “updated” the story from the 1950s to the ’80s, director Andy Muschietti (Mama) mostly avoids the current fad for fetishising that particular decade, instead creating palpable tension and genuine camaraderie among his young cast.
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Estranged half-brothers Andrew and Garrett Foster set out to steal a priceless collection of sports cars in director Antonio Negret’s low-rent Fast and Furious knock-off. But the endless parade of vintage classics and picturesque French locations easily outshine the film’s half-baked heist plot, poorly executed action and bland pretty boy leads.
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Gukoroku: Traces of Sin

When a desperate journalist reopens an unsolved murder case in Gukoroku – Traces of Sin, he exposes a violent world of cutthroat elitism behind the smiling facade of Japanese society. 30 more words