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China's New Airstrip in the South China Sea Is Almost Completed

China is close to completing the construction of an airstrip on a tiny outcrop in the South China Sea, heightening its ability to project power regionally from the disputed waters and further raising the stakes in an increasingly tense showdown between Beijing, its neighbors, and the United States. 1,531 more words


U.S. flies most advanced surveillance plane from Philippines

MANILA (Reuters) – The United States has begun flying its most advanced surveillance aircraft, the P-8A Poseidon, out of the Philippines for patrols over the South China Sea, the U.S. 335 more words


Will China Accept International Law In The South China Sea?

By Donald R. Rothwell

The ongoing disputes between the Philippines and China in the South China Sea are about to reach a critical point. In January 2013 the Philippines activated procedures under Article 287 and Annex VII of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) over a dispute about the validity of China’s ‘nine-dash line’ in the South China Sea. 815 more words

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Today's Tidbit 3.12.2014

To protect its interests in landfilling in the South China Sea, China issued an official warning to the U.S. to “stay out” of this region, according to the People’s Daily Paper. 118 more words


Vietnam Fearlessly Takes Steps Towards An Anti-Tianxia Coalition

Let’s talk about Vietnam again, because it pertains directly to our study of the Tianxia perspective. For a primer on that, see here, here… 264 more words


South China Sea And US-India-Japan Trilateral Revitalisation

The re-vitalisation of the US-India-Japan Trilateral is a contextual response lately to China’s conflict-escalation in the South China Sea primarily followed by military brinkmanship against Japan in the East China Sea region. 116 more words

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China Warns US To Stay Out Of South China Sea Dispute

Source:  zerohedge

Since the US is apparently unable to take a hint to stay out of China’s back year, it was is up to China to explain again, just where it stands. 295 more words

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