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Parker Cabin & Commissary, Wefanie

While I was out photographing with Mike McCall today, we ran into Jimmy Parker, who noted that he was born in this cabin and restored it in recent years. 25 more words

South Georgia Landmarks

Aaron, Georgia

You won’t find Aaron on most maps, but this structure is evidence of its past. I will update when I learn more, but I do know that the Aaron family were very involved in the cotton business and likely turpentining. 37 more words

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Brown Farm Tenant House, Owensboro

Matt Brown writes: That’s what we call the dynamite house; they used to store dynamite in it. Before that various tenants lived in it. The house and barns by the road was where my dad’s farming operation was. 11 more words

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Wescoloski-Bryan House, Circa 1850, Riddleville

Built by an early Jewish merchant in Washington County, this house was sold to Stephen T. Jordan in 1867; subsequent owners were descendants of Jordan, including Lurian Jordan Fulgham, William Henry Fulgham, and Mr. 13 more words

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Finnish Community Hall, 1920s, McKinnon

This was one of the first public buildings constructed in Finn Town (as McKinnon was popularly known) after it was settled in 1921. It was registered as a church to avoid taxation but was never… 30 more words

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