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Kwik Chek, Groveland

Though this store has had numerous incarnations over the years, the old Sunbeam Bread sign out front indicates that it was once known as Kwik Chek #1. 18 more words

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Laura's Grocery, Groveland

On 28 August 2014 Joe Driggers wrote to say that his grandmother, Laura Sauls Driggers Bland, used to run a small grocery store out of this building. 199 more words

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Movie Set, Groveland

I took a turn off a dirt road at Groveland a few years ago and stumbled onto a fascinating collection of buildings. Though I was unsure of their purpose at the time, Bill Warnell, wrote in January 2012: … 173 more words

South Georgia Architecture

Dixon Commissary, Walkerville

I had a brief visit with the owner of this structure today, who graciously allowed me access to the property. He noted that it was once a commissary, owned by Alvin and Lizzie Dixon, the grandparents of well-known WTOC-TV anchorman, Sonny Dixon. 24 more words

South Georgia Architecture

Abandoned Store, New Era

I’ve photographed this structure, as well as the others that make up the New Era community, many times over the years. They always look a bit worse for wear but stubbornly remain as if to give testament to the people who once thrived here. 22 more words

South Georgia Architecture

Abandoned Farmhouse, New Era

The beauty in the remaining New Era houses lies in their abandonment and their quiet surrender to the elements. I can only imagine the hard-working souls who once labored here.

South Georgia Architecture