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Fickling Lodge No. 129, 1920, Butler

Note the ghost sign for the City Barber Shop on the right of the building.

Butler Downtown Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Southwestern Railroad Depot, 1868, Butler

Soon after its construction in 1868, the first depot at Butler burned but was immediately rebuilt within its surviving walls. The Southwestern Railroad was later absorbed into the Central of Georgia line.

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Taylor County Courthouse, 1935, & Police Station, Butler

Taylor County’s  Neoclassical/Colonial Revival courthouse was funded by the Civil Works Administration, part of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Significantly, it was designed by Frederick Roy Duncan (1864-1947) an architect from nearby Columbus, known for work on the Gatun Power Plant on the Panama Canal in 1910, as well as public buildings in Columbus and various structures at Fort Benning.  76 more words

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Historic Commercial Storefronts, Marshallville

Between the two residential historic districts on Main Street are a couple of blocks of commercial buildings which served Marshallville at the height of the peach boom. 14 more words

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Donald Barton Frederick House, Circa 1865, Marshallville

James Frederick began building this Greek Revival townhouse in 1860 but soon sold it to his first cousin, Donald Barton Frederick. D. B. Frederick completed the house around 1865 and lived here until his death in 1911. 19 more words

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Marcus Sperry House, 1870s, Marshallville

This eclectic Victorian is one of the most unique houses in the area. It was built by Marcus E. Sperry, son of early Marshallville settler John A. 31 more words

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