Central Hallway Farmhouse, Irwin County

I’ve always admired this well-maintained house but have never known its history. I would guess it dates to the 1870s or 1880s.

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General Store, Coney

Gean Nipper recently suggested I make some photographs at Coney. Having driven between Cordele and Americus countless times over the years, I must admit I had never even heard of the place. 85 more words

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Moniac Baptist Church & Canaday Cemetery, Charlton County

Adjacent to Moniac Baptist Church is the historic Canaday Cemetery, established in 1830. Notably, it’s the final resting place of Missouri Powell Canaday, the sister of the Seminole chieftain Osceola. 11 more words

South Georgia Landmarks

Lacy's Kountry Store, Moniac

Just east of the Florida state line at the St. Marys River, Moniac is a an isolated community in deepest South Georgia. What they lack in population, they make up for with this friendly store, which doubles as a restaurant. 27 more words

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Dry Branch, Georgia

I’m not sure if this was a store or a community house but I understand that it has been recently restored. Other than a mid-century post office, now abandoned and replaced by a newer structure on Highway 80, this is the only public building I found in Dry Branch. 18 more words

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Jeffersonville Baptist Church, Twiggs County

I’ve been unable to locate a history of the congregation, but I believe the building dates to the first two decades of the 20th century, when this style was quite common with Baptists.

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Jeffersonville United Methodist Church, 1924, Twiggs County

The Jeffersonville Methodist Episcopal congregation was formed in 1839, first meeting in the home of Joshua Grantham. Their first permanent home was located on West Magnolia Street, but was replaced by a more substantial frame structure on this location in the mid-19th century. 52 more words

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