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Goa International JAZZ Live Festival

Under the Teamwork Arts’ Jazz India Circuit- Goa International Jazz Live Festival (GIJLF) is all set to make you experience up-tempo, funky celebration of new age jazz . 32 more words

I can’t help it. The word “Mobor” reminds me of a brilliant scene from the super – addictive “The Game of Thrones”: “Hodor, Hodor, Hodor”. An irrelevant trivia I know! 566 more words


Headed South: Traveling below Maharashtra

One week back from yet another of my explorations into India, although admittedly not one of my more adventurous trips. Every time I venture forth my picture of India becomes a little clearer, and a little more  complicated. 2,038 more words

Exploring India

Over and Out: South Goa and Hampi

By this time last year I’d written 18 blog posts. Yes 18. So far I’m up 3 this year, I think?

It’s just another one of the signs of how different year number two is shaping up to be. 347 more words

Exploring India

Youngistan - 63, ગો, ગોવા, ગોન....

ગયા અઠવાડિયે અહીં નોર્થ ગોવા અને ગોવાનાં અલગ અલગ બીચની વાત કરેલી. આજે અહીં વાત કરવી છે ગોઅન કલ્ચરની, લાઈફસ્ટાઈલની અને સાઉથ ગોવાની. ગોવા સૌ જાણે છે એમ મુળ બે ભાગમાં વહેંચાયેલું છે, નોર્થ અને સાઉથ.