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I wake up this morning just a bit grumpy; my back hurts (darn these hard Indian mattresses, darn this screwed up back and hips, darn the lack of a simple yoga class in the land of its invention). 1,013 more words


Going Goa

Sun. Beach. Swim. Yoga. Drugs. DJ concerts (or EDM to use the latest catch-all).

That’s more or less why people visit Goa. Some choose more from the list than others, but together they help account for why Goa is India’s richest state, with a GDP two and a half times larger than any other Indian state. 1,233 more words


My Wanderer Hotspot – Favourite Café in Goa { Psssttt...My Guest Post Featured on www.wanderingforwellness.com}

Well better late than never :) Real delay in sharing this post, but just back from a hectic Goa – Pune – Mumbai – Pune – Goa trip! 708 more words


Paradise Lost

Today is a sad day, for I must leave Dwarka. This has been a place of respite from the   challenges I encountered up north and I fear leaving the protective cocoon. 1,098 more words


Last plane to wherever

I asked for a window seat – as always and now I feel trapped. Big mustache is sitting next to me sharing his holiday plans without any encouragement from my side (unless, pretending to take photos of nothing outside the window would be it). 1,162 more words

Incredible India

Paradise Found

I wake today, once again, to ocean waves crashing on the shore and birds chirping. You “dropped” me in India based on the theme of a Disney movie and it sort of feels like I’m in one . 1,024 more words


sunset tracks

i was in CHANDOR village at the right time..