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Tarotbytes IG: Ace of Pentacles (Coins)

  1. Send your name, age, question/topic of concern…or tell me that you want an open or general reading to modernoracletarot@gmail.com
  2. Please give permission to quote your feedback (your identity will be protected)
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Meatspace Holiday

Because reasons, I will be cutting back on social media & blog to go live in meatspace for a couple of days.

Parties & in-person readings closed March 23 – 29 but Quirk & Flotsam on etsy is OPEN for distance Tarot (no appointment needed!)

Happy Spring / Fall everyone


Try this on for size...

Found this quote on instagram. Juxtapose it over that last post about writing for manifestation and attraction.

The thing I like about what Mr. Hearne says is the way it works for both science and spirituality. 82 more words


What Can Tarot Do For You?

I. LOVE. TED Talks.

Inspired by Dao Nguyen’s TED talk “What Makes Something Go Viral”, I have some new ideas AND some questions.

Tarot isn’t just one-way street … it’s a conversation. 194 more words