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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Isaac Hayes

A generation knew the iconic Isaac Hayes as the deep voiced patriarch behind South Park’s love-fetching Chef. Music fiends, meanwhile, adored him for his revolutionary soundtrack to… 114 more words


6 Surprisingly Emotional Episodes of Comedy Series

The Simpsons: ‘Old Money’

Okay, so The Simpsons is known for it’s family values just as much as it’s gags, but this Season 2 episode provided rare development of the usually crotchety and confused Abe ‘Grampa’ Simpson, and an ending as heartwarming as you could hope for. 1,446 more words

A slight correction

I mentioned on my blog (it was years ago at this point) that I am a human Saturday Night Live skit. I am actually more like a human South Park. 66 more words

The South Park-Styled Arthur Episode With The Aliens

The fact that the PBS children’s show Arthur once featured a South Park parody is bizarre enough…the creepy content of said parody, which features a… 568 more words


Let’s Talk: South Park!

Hello everybody and a happy weekend to all. This week I wanted to talk about a game that’s honestly surprised me with how well it’s all put together. 367 more words



There used to be a sweet girl who worked at a local bakery. She had a wholesome image and was always chipper, smiling, very pleasant to deal with. 337 more words

Pluto TV Will Stream 40 CBS And Comedy Central Shows Like 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', Early 'South Park' Seasons

ViacomCBS next week will add a tranche of 40 shows from CBS and Comedy Central to its free, ad-supported Pluto TV streaming service.

The slate of library titles, including mainstays like… 294 more words

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