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A View Of South Park

The air at 9,507 feet is crisp, even in late July. On this Saturday morning at seven o’clock, the parking lot at Wilkerson Pass along US Highway 24, about an hour’s drive west of Colorado Springs, is not yet as busy as it will be in a few hours, though it already sees a steady coming and going of vehicles. 447 more words


Ugh...What to Play?!

Just trying to figure out what game to play next. Trying to get through a lot of the DLC type crap I bought a while ago, so might continue on that journey. 486 more words


Are Cartoons the Best Form of Entertainment?

On August 16th 1930, the first color cartoon with sound was created. This eventually turned into one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Since then hundreds of cartoons have been created along with a countless number of characters. 315 more words

Bumbling Rumble

Women’s wrestling champion of the world Andy Kaufman couldn’t have planned a more hilarious presidency. The problem is Donald Trump may be serious. All evidence indicates he truly believes he’s a heavyweight champion. 962 more words

Hugh Fokner in Mansfield's Family Album

His life in Mansfield spanned across five different decades, and if you were here then there is no way you could not have known of him.  1,447 more words

Local History

An old one, from a few weeks ago. Laura does a weekly song challenge, I was going through some of my old posts, and came across this one so decided I’d participate in it. 133 more words


Jack, The Beanstalk, Mansfield and Jamie Lapine

Mansfield, Ohio is just a small city in the anonymous rolling hills of the American Midwest, and it is a long way from Broadway. It’s even farther from Hollywood. 1,232 more words

Local History