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South Park "You should have left our wives alone"

“Well hello mister UPS man..” uit Episode 10 Season 16 Insecurity met daarin dé persiflage van Bain uit The Dark Knight Rises. Bekijk de volledige aflevering hier.


'Wall Mart' and the cycle of poverty

Our class group was asked to look working and middle-class issues in the South Park episode “Something Wall Mart This Way Comes.” We agreed on four items to code: wage labor, poverty, alienation, and working conditions. 490 more words


South Park Crochet

South Park isn’t to everyone’s taste, but nonetheless, I find the series to be fun brainless television. It can be crass and down right offensive, but still fun. 78 more words

What is Satire?/Pilot Episodes

I’m sure everyone has heard of The Simpsons and South Park, but everyone may not have seen a full episode. I personally am more aware of… 342 more words

The Ochelli Effect - Regular Kakistocracy News Hours

From Ochelli.com

Regular Joe stands in for Michael Swanson. So we did another Regular Guy News Hour. Harry Potter, Playboy, and the Chosen savior of the ignorant are all covered in the first hour. 79 more words

Porkins Policy Radio

The Historic Blockhouse

A. A. Graham states in his History of Richland County that blockhouses “sprang up, like mushrooms, almost in a single night” as pioneers felt the need to protect themselves from local Indians when war was declared with Great Britain in the spring of 1812. 536 more words


Listen: A Showbiz Lawyer Satirizes Hollywood In His New Novel

Don’t jump to conclusions about the new novel “Gettysburg,” a showbiz satire from someone who knows of what he writes, veteran Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris. 690 more words