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What To Watch: 11/13/2019

While the trial in AMC’s latest documentary shares many surface aspects to the Central Park Five case dramatized in the brilliant Netflix series — both concern violent crimes that took place in New York’s Central Park in the 1980s — the case of Robert Chambers could not, otherwise, be more diametrically opposed to that of the Central Park 5. 335 more words

What To Watch

South Park - Banned in China

In October, there were several global news and actions about China, such as NBA, Blizzard, and of course, South Park.

Since 21st Century, no country can ignore China rises because the market of more than 10 billion people. 267 more words

Mickey Mouse

South Park TFBW -- Human Kite (Kyle) battle comrade quips

+ Stan / Toolshed

Oh my god! They KO-ed Mysterion!
You bastards!

You know, you should learn how to twirl your drills. You know, add some pizzazz. 1,105 more words


South Park TFBW - Call Girl (Wendy) comrade quips

+ Butters / Professor Chaos

Call girl kind of kicks ass, you guys.
Aw, thanks, Butters!
Who is this ‘Butters’? I am Professor Chaos!

Nice Chaos, Professor! 941 more words


South Park: The Fractured But Whole - what you need for each place in town

You can find many things in all the buildings in the whole of the map in this game, but some you have to do specific things to get everything. 1,973 more words

South Park


There are so many things to dislike about this woman. It is truly a challenge to figure out where to begin. I could recite the laundry list of concerns, but there is one set of facts that do a pretty damned good job of encapsulating them all. 382 more words

Bring the Crunch - the full guide! (South Park: TFBW)

May as well do this one as well, though personally I didn’t enjoy it as much as Casa Bonita. In this DLC story, you join Butters and Jimmy at Lake Tardicaca camp to find out what has been going on… 1,941 more words