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I got diarrhea at the beach in Egypt.

In the summer, I spent two months in Egypt. I enjoyed the laid-back way of life in Dahab and ending up spending the bulk of my trip there. 363 more words


Striped Hawkmoth

I promised Рto those of you follow on Facebook Рthat my next post would be about this magnificent critter that I found on a basil plant in my garden Р439 more words


Egyptian Red Fox

The Egyptian Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes aegyptiacus) is the largest fox in Egypt and one of three species of fox occurring in Sinai. I’ve never spotted a fox while wandering through wadis, but over the years I’ve spotted several from moving vehicles. 444 more words


Fringing reefs, Red Sea

The fringing reefs of Sharm offer an extraordinary diversity of marine life for snorkelers and divers to enjoy just meters from the beaches and rock platforms. 58 more words

Nature's Beauty

Serabit el-Khadim

The archaeological site is today bounded by the reconstructed original Middle Kingdom enclosure wall built by Senwosret I and recent conservation work has provided two paths for visitors, which follow the two ancient processional routes to the rock-cut shrines at the eastern end of the site. 807 more words

This Is Egypt

Dreaming of a Desert Garden

The beginning of 2016 still finds me living in Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt wondering what I should be planning for the future. This time it is an oriental carpet of a thousand knots that has been pulled out from under my feet  to leave me wobbling in the middle of rocky track in a mountainous desert. 1,532 more words


The Current Situation - Life in South Sinai

I, the Queen of Procrastination have decided to follow Blog assignments on WordPress to build a better habit for blogging, and writing in general.

When I first came to Egypt I was on a six week exploration holiday that initially extended to three months followed by a decision to live in Dahab, South Sinai and work in scuba diving. 1,570 more words

Curiouser And Curiouser!