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The Vietnam War: After Forty Years by Lawrence Wittner -- Antiwar.com

This month is the 40th year since the fall of Saigon and the end of American involvement in Vietnam……

To marl the anniversary I have been posting different views of that war with the hope that Americans will pay attention…..if they do not….it will happen all over again……and again. 12 more words

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Did Reagan Win the Vietnam War? | The American Conservative

Sit down and brace yourself!

Yes, Irene I read the American Conservative…..believe it or not there are some thoughtful articles being written by true conservatives as opposed to the whack jobs in the Tea Party…… 116 more words


"The Green Berets"

“The Green Berets” was an American movie released in 1968 which was about the involvement of the United States of America in The Vietnam War… 910 more words


Vietnamisation was a policy introduced by President Nixon (1968-74) during the Vietnam war. Its aim was to build up and train the ARVN army and South Vietnam forces to defend themselves so that more and more US troops could be withdrawn from Vietnam allowing the US to loosen its involvement in the war overall whilst still supporting the South. 174 more words

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