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"The last days in Vietnam" - A stunning documentary film about the South of Vietnam in 1975

Seeing the nominees list of Oscar 2015, I was stunned for a few seconds to see there is a documentary film with the word “VIETNAM” nominated for the Best Documentary for the 87th Academy Awards. 208 more words


South Vietnam - The turning point of my trip

FYI, this is a post about my solo trip to Vietnam back in 2013, as opposed to the trip I just finished with Yulia in Vietnam in 2015. 2,493 more words


How the Vietnam War Began

Vietnam. The first thing that this word conjures in the mind is the long, horrible Vietnam War and the tragedies it had caused. Get ready for a long, arduous story about how this war started. 983 more words

The Paradigm of American Foreign Policy / Part I

America has traditionally recoiled from the frequent accusation of being an imperial power.  Imperialism is synonymous with colonialism and domination (at least in its purest form), which would be at odds with the doctrine of America being a force for good in the world as well as being a beacon of democracy (with the latter presumably ruling out any imperial aspirations).     1,749 more words

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