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Vietnamisation was a policy introduced by President Nixon (1968-74) during the Vietnam war. Its aim was to build up and train the ARVN army and South Vietnam forces to defend themselves so that more and more US troops could be withdrawn from Vietnam allowing the US to loosen its involvement in the war overall whilst still supporting the South. 174 more words

Vietnam War

A Short Commemoration on This First Journey to Freedom Day

A crowd of over 500 people gathered in downtown Ottawa today for the inaugural Journey to Freedom Day celebration. Photo via Julie Oliver/Ottawa Citizen

Earlier today, Canada celebrated its first annual Journey to Freedom Day, a day of commemoration for the fall of Saigon, the harrowing journey of the Vietnamese boat people in search of freedom, and their vast contributions to Canada following their arrival. 474 more words

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40 years after Vietnam War, communists celebrate victory; Americans reflect on fall of Saigon

Military personnel take part in a parade celebrating the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War which is also remembered as the “Fall of Saigon,” in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Thursday, April 30, 2015. 834 more words

The “Obvious” Lessons of the Vietnam War | The American Conservative

40 years ago this year the capital city of the Republic of South Vietnam, Saigon,  fell to the advancing communist forces from the North……

Most American could care less…..but there are still a few of us grunts left to remember……and we want the US to learn a lesson from the misadventures of interventionism…..but did we really learn anything from that war? 33 more words

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Operation Rolling Thunder

Operation Rolling Thunder was the name of the long bombing campaign launched by president Johnson in March 1965. It was targeted on North Vietnam in defence of South Vietnam and lasted until the summer of 1968. 186 more words

Vietnam War

Ho Chi Minh City, South Vietnam: A Fusion of Culture

To enjoy the culture of other nation is not a way of devaluing your own, but rather, a way of appreciating and recognizing the value of others’. 1,577 more words

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