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Stephen B. Young: Nguyen Van Thieu, South Vietnam’s Second President, Was a Strong Leader Who Built Up His Country

(Virtual Saigon)

In an article last month, Stephen B. Young, executive director of the Caux Round Table and expert on Vietnam history, provided some useful information on South Vietnam and its second president, Nguyen Van Thieu. 638 more words

Modern History

A 1967 Blue Vespa Super

At first since I knew scooter in 2009, I had only my father’s scooter, which I have been riding it now, but one early 2014, i had decided to buy the new scooter from Trung, who have been my friend when we was student at university;  a 1967 VBC Vespa, the colour was light blue, that is also one of my favorite colours. 159 more words


The Loss Of Saigon

As a Viet Vet I am always having to have the conversation about that war….mostly with people that are too young to know what it was like or from older people that did not go and serve in the country. 240 more words


Things I love about Vietnam

Everybody loves lists! I invite you to share your favourite things about Vietnam.

In no particular order, here goes…

  1. Friendly people. Yes, we came across some absolutely lovely locals, especially in the Mekong Delta region.
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My Lai--50 Years On

Closing Thought–16Mar18

Your Daily History Lesson…….

When I was teaching class at university I asked my class to find Vietnam on a map….15 students…..14 wrong answers….the only correct was a vet of that war…..in their defense they did not know the name Arafat or Begin…..I would bet that it is not much better these days of the information revolution. 422 more words

International Situations

March 8, 1965 — The United States landed its first combat troops—3,500 Marines—in Danang, South Vietnam.

This Day In History

History lessons from South Vietnam Part I

That the might of the United States is being used deliberately to create a new “displaced persons” problem on an unprecedented scale is one of the most scandalous aspects of U.S.

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