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Oh man. We’ve found where we want to retire to.

Well, maybe not, but we’ve found a place we love, where we’d go back in a heartbeat, for an extended stay, and never be bored. 771 more words


Good Morning Vietnam

I did find the two large photo albums from our Southeast Asia trip but alas, many of the pages have been plundered – someone (and it could have been me) has taken many of the best photos out of the pages! 522 more words


The thrill and excitement of an open cockpit seaplane. Experienced open cockpit seaplane flights with such amazing views of tropical clear waters and pristine white beaches. 10 more words


Phutthamonthon Park: The First Of The Many Buddhas

What do you do when your apartment abroad is literally just a stone’s throw away from hectares of a park that serves as the center of Buddhism in Thailand and is home to a sprawling greenery of fish ponds, Buddhist temples, trimmed bushes, brick paths perfect for jogging, and the world’s tallest free-standing Buddha? 791 more words


#22 Ziplining Through The Laotian Jungle

Love at first sight does exist! It took me only a handful of minutes in Laos to realize that. The country is too often overlooked or even qualified as boring. 1,157 more words


Balinese "Pulut Hitam" rice pudding

Item: Balinese “Pulut Hitam” rice pudding
Date: January 8, 2017
Location: Banana Tree, Milton Keynes, UK

This is an Indonesian dessert but probably popular all over Southeast Asia – warm black wild rice pudding cooked with fragrant pandas leaves, topped with melted coconut ice cream.