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The Annual Visitor

Apologizing for what looks like a brief hiatus, let me first clarify that we didn’t fall off the face of the earth or get swallowed up by a giant monitor lizard. 1,438 more words

Moving To Malaysia

The Real "Whole Foods"

Feeling like an eternity ago, I recently found myself reminiscing back to the long 18 month stretch when I played House Husband and Diane kept working. 1,711 more words

Moving To Malaysia

Clear Broth Noodle Soup

Hello Hello,

Today will be about one of my favorite subject, food. I’m sure that we all love to eat so I decided to do this post for those of you who love to eat. 500 more words

Restaurant Review: Pig and Khao (NYC)

Official site: http://pigandkhao.com/

I originally heard about this place from a friend. She wanted me to look at the menu and confirm her opinion that it looked terrible. 220 more words


Fragrant Indonesian Beef, Braised in Coconut Milk (Rendang Daging Sapi)

Yesterday (Sunday) was so relaxing and leisurely. I was in the mood to make something a bit more involved and delicious, so I decided to make one of my favorite Indonesian dishes, Beef Rendang, or… 325 more words


Wild Ginger: The Southeast Asian Table

I’m probably not the only Manileño who’d consider Southeast Asian food as a foreign, almost exotic, must-try affair and this is why although I was craving Korean fare one night, I found myself sitting by one of the dining tables set up outside  250 more words


Transition Complete

Coming to a close, if someone asked me to summarize our first year as retired expats in Asia in one phrase I’d have to choose “always interesting”. 1,797 more words

Moving To Malaysia