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Ding Dong Across Asia - An Asian Gastronomic Tour

Widely recognised as a melting pot of Asian cuisine, Singapore is a gateway to the eclectic culinary flavours of Asia.

Enter Ding Dong, one of Singapore’s foremost restaurants to join in the Mod-Asian epicurean movement since opening its doors in 2013; the restaurant prides itself in continuously putting forth innovative dishes that meld familiar and traditional flavours of Asian cuisine with innovative plating, and modern, progressive culinary techniques. 543 more words


Garlic Veggie Ramen

Tried this recipe tonight. Delish!

It takes a bit of work just because there are a lot of ingredients. We usually prefer simple recipes, but the sauce… 370 more words


food of my people

In my last blog post, I wrote about how food is a central part of my family’s identity. I’ve definitely adopted that (and learned to appreciate it), and am also trying to learn how to cook my own recipes. 152 more words


Bistro 1521

Since Bad Saint was the inspiration for this blog with their horrible, salty, over-hyped, line-causing disaster of a restaurant, I wanted to give Filipino cuisine a second chance (and have another restaurant to share the “Filipino” tag for the sake of fairness to the people of the Philippines). 630 more words

building community over food

I grew up in a pretty large Southeast Asian family, where everyone lives no further than an hour away from one another. Growing up we always had huge family events with dozens and dozens of cousins running around and playing while our parents chatted. 354 more words


Good ol' days #1

Last year, my friends and I started EMAC (“ee-mac”), or Empowering Marginalized Asian Communities, an organization aimed at uniting the disparate Asian–particularly Southeast Asian–communities to tackle our regional inadequacies in social services, mental health resources, legal aid, youth guidance, civic engagement, healing from war and trauma, and translation services in all of the above. 420 more words

Thaï J

Elaborately decorated Thai restaurant from Taichung, with a focus on Chiang Mai cuisine.

Dry red curry chicken: $280
Pad krapao with pork: $280
Thai rice salad: $380… 227 more words

$300 - $500