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Indian Borage

Indian Borage ( Bangun-Bangun, Mexian Mint, Plectranthus amboinicus .到手香) is one of the easiest plants to grow in Singapore.

It is very insect, disease resistant, and seems to be able to take all kinds of abuse ( sunny conditions, shady conditions, damp soil , dry soil) all relatively well. 155 more words

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Pandan Leaf

Pandan Leaf ( Pandanus amaryllifolius , screwpine, 班兰叶 ) is a versatile plant which grows very easily in the tropics. It is a hardy plant, and can take waterlogged soils, or miss one/two days of watering without much complaints. 451 more words

SE Asian Herb

Toast Box: a place for all hours

The very mention of ‘toast’ often brings to mind images of golden brown bread served with jam, eggs and bacon, and perhaps with a cup of coffee on the side. 569 more words

Foodie Trips And Review

Wet Thar Hnut

I don’t speak Burmese, so this might not be an accurate recipe name or Romanization at all. Forgive me that. It’s easy and tastes pretty good, provided you exercise patience, so I suggest you take the timing steps into consideration instead of flinging ingredients about your kitchen willy-nilly. 542 more words

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Thai (Red) Curry

I probably cook this more than anything. It’s really easy and very good. Also, it’s fun to experiment with. This is a pretty flexible recipe and really just depends on what you have on hand. 836 more words

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Steamed White Rice

Good white rice is essential for a host of Asian dishes, which is most of what I cook. Fuck you and your Uncle Ben’s bullshit. Do it proper. 306 more words

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Li Jiang | Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal

Vibrancy and aromas of a bustling Asian market.Li Jiang

The finest flavours of the East are offered at Li Jiang restaurant at the grandiose Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal. 768 more words