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BKK Cookshop

Ever since Beau Thai grew up, decided it was too good for us plebes in Bloomingdale, and moved across town to its fancy new digs, they’ve left us their little redheaded half-brother, BKK Cookshop, to help absorb the shock and sadness of their sudden departure. 579 more words

Pho 12

In the last couple of years, Brookland has gone from DC’s backwater/nun village to a paradise of diverse dining options/nun village! From the laid-back atmosphere of Steel Plate to the Ethiopian-fusion lunch of Askale Cafe to the varied alcoholic offerings at Brookland Pint, this lesser-known neighborhood is trying hard to become a foodie haven. 387 more words

Doi Moi

I hadn’t heard of this place when I passed by it on the way to yoga a few weeks ago, but I added it to my to-eat list, and tonight was the night! 555 more words

Sand Ginger

Sand Ginger (  Kaempferia galanga – scientific name ,cekur – Malay , cutcherry, 沙姜 in chinese , kencur -bahasa indonesian, resurrection lily – as known in some parts of of the world ) is a little known but truely delicious plant. 381 more words

Edible Vegetable

SEAK Southeast Asian Kitchen

After a relaxing few hours at SoJo Spa Club, we worked up an appetite and headed across the street for an early dinner. I heard about… 533 more words


Wild Pepper Leaf

Wild Pepper Leaf – Daun Kaduk ( Malay name) , Piper Sarmentosum ( scientific name) , La lot ( Vietnamese name), 假蒟 ( Chinese name) , . 523 more words

Edible Vegetable