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Pied Avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta)

A fairly common nomad in Southern Africa, this black and white wader is interesting for its long thin curved bill. Another interesting fact about these are that they sometimes swim in deeper water and upend, like a duck, looking for food. 44 more words


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe: becoming a billionaire while looking at Zambia

In Victoria Falls, I became a billionaire. I know- very exciting. It wasn’t easy, but I am proud of all my hard work. How did I accomplish such a feat? 429 more words


Stop the public stripping of women!

This week it happened again; a young woman was stripped naked in public for wearing clothes some deemed too revealing (apparently a mini skirt and top revealing her back). 289 more words


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Opera Mini now supports video

It is now possible for users of Opera mobile browser to play videos within the browser, according to Richard Monday, Vice President (Africa), Opera software.  270 more words


Facts about Africa


  • The Gambia has only one university.
  • Equatorial Guinea is Africa’s only Spanish speaking country.
  • South Africa is the most visited African country.
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Southern Africa

“I think she's hot for a black girl…Oh, that’s sooo gay...Stop acting like a girl” - Let’s have an adult conversation about “micro-aggressions”

Everyday, we overlook the little manifestations of our own prejudices that leave us oblivious to committing little, white transgressions or “micro-aggressions.” It may sound harmless when we say, “I think she is hot for a black girl…Oh, that’s so gay…Stop acting like a girl.” Or when you are a foreigner living and/or traveling abroad and you post a photo on social media of an emaciated child in rural Malawi with the tagline, “I’m saving the world.” Worse, when you snap a selfie in your decked out, tailor-made African-chitenje suit and hope that you elicit laughs, jokes and snarky responses. 493 more words


Trifle recipe

I put up this cover photograph on Facebook the other day and many people immediately commented on the bowl of trifle. It brought back memories of aunts and mothers making trifle in glass bowls just like this one. 261 more words

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