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South Africa - The People pt. 2

The visit to Langa continues with, of course, more food but a whole lots else too.

Part of the tour included visiting an outdoor food preparation area – There’s a warning when it’s time for vegetarians to skip that particular portion. 6 more words

25 August 2016_MDA Consulting (Pty) Limited - Jo'berg conference, Collective Wisdom Lecture - Grasse

Andrew is hugely grateful to Vaughan Hattingh of MDA for kindly inviting him to tell a few jokes before lunch at the annual MDA “Collective Wisdom Lecture”!!! 44 more words

Taking the wrong Rhodes Home

The road around Umtata to the Wild Coast was a hell-raiser!  Not because of the actual road but because of the drivers. They all seemed to be driving like there was no tomorrow, willing to risk their lives (and the lives of oncoming motorists) by overtaking on blind rises, double lines or speeding like they were on a German Autobahn, but with horses, cows and donkeys posing as minor obstacles. 668 more words


The Boerboel of 20/30/40 years ago, by Nico Kilian

I wanted to put this post up long ago and at last I have had the time to sit down and do it.

This is my life experience and my opinion …as I grew up with this breed and have witnessed what their roles as dogs were on a lot of farms in the Volksrust, Utrecht, Vryheid, Louwsburg, Pongola (Kwazulu Natal, South Africa) areas.   858 more words


Southern Africa: Take A Walk On The Wild Side - What To Expect When Visiting

Home to J.R.R.Tolkien, Charlize Theron and Richard E. Grant, who knew South Africa had bred a fair few celebrities? More importantly though, Africa is home to the Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. 508 more words



“Pitso” was one of the first words I learned in Sesotho, and today I finally experienced one firsthand!

In Lesotho, a pitso is a community gathering and a staple of village life. 899 more words

South Africa - The People - Yes!

Before leaving the beautiful Cape for the wildlife, I had a great time meeting and seeing the local people , understanding a tiny bit of their lives and the beauty and sometimes not-so beautiful surroundings in which they live. 24 more words