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I’ve been taking photos of my family, friends, and neighbors as I get to know them, and I want to share some of those portraits here. 109 more words

Million Man Meh

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s ruling ZANU-PF party spent a cool half-million dollars (for reference, Zimbabwe’s per-capita GDP is less than $1000) organizing what was to be a “Million Man March” through the capital city of Harare in support of Mugabe’s continued rule over the country. 465 more words


INFOGRAPHIC: Different strokes for different folks (on farm typologies in Africa RISING)

Smallholder farming households in much of sub-Saharan Africa are distinctly diverse within and across communities. Therefore, technological interventions to address the problem of poor productivity of smallholder agricultural systems must be designed to target socially diverse and spatially heterogeneous farms and farming systems. 136 more words


I love this photograph

of Nelson Mandela and Helen Suzman, a tireless anti-apartheid campaigner. How could you not love this photograph?

When history was rewritten in South Africa, the huge number of white South Africans who fought for the fall of apartheid seems to largely have been forgotten. 100 more words

Southern Africa

Seychelles News | LGBT

Seychelles overturns sodomy law in victory for LGBT rights
  • The Seychelles National Assembly voted in favor of abolishing a colonial-era law criminalizing sodomy, effectively legalizing same-sex relations in the archipelago nation.
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A Zimbabwe politician says all the Chinese in his country should be deported

A member of a Zimbabwean opposition party has called for all Chinese nationals to be kicked out of the southern African country.

“ have contributed nothing of value except to aid a corrupt and repressive political system while looting away our national resources,” Willias Madzimure, the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) secretary for international relations wrote in… 296 more words