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What Does St. Alban's Have To Offer?

What does the Church of St. Alban, a parish of the Liberal Catholic Church, have to offer to those who want to find a way of being spiritual in today’s world but who are still prepared to express their spirituality, at least in part, in a “church-like” manner? 345 more words

Esoteric Christianity

Night Terrors

By Robin Steere Axworthy

Where is Dad going, pulling on his boots, hard, one-two, like that?
Why is he angry? Why is his jaw clamped tight and working… 439 more words


C4R - WTF?

People have been reporting seeing signs for C4R and asking WTF?

It’s a movie shoot silly!
Yesterday and today … Back on set.


Mount San Jacinto (10,834 feet)

…second highest mountain in Southern California..lets, er, do this…

Distance: 11.4 miles
Elevation: 10,834 feet
Vertical gain: 4,689 feet

Originally our plan had been to keep in order of mountain height on the Six Peak Challenge and climb Mount San Bernadino. 920 more words


Bald on top

One of the things I love about Los Angeles is the surrounding mountains. If you talk to anyone who grew up in LA in the 70s and 80s, they’ll say you wouldn’t even know the peaks were there, the smog was so bad. 342 more words


Aphrodite in a Pink Box

By Sarah Davis

Digitized remnants of melanin vacant skin
monopolize the magazines my daughter studies.
The Bluest Eye cradles her,
convinces her that her raven features are deficient. 88 more words


great room.

Sometimes, waking early before the others, wandering the rooms wrapped in a blanket or drinking my tea in the empty kitchen, I had that most rare of feelings, the sense that the world, so consistently overwhelming and incomprehensible, in fact has an order, oblique as it may seem, and I a place within it.  14 more words