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Mom In Training- Week 18

WOW time flies!

I meant to update this blog every couple of weeks but then, umm… I kind of took a nap instead… and then repeated that action for 5 consecutive weeks. 778 more words

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Mom in Training: Week 12- 13

August 9- First full week back at work and I am beat! Haven’t been in real shoes, nor worn real pants for more than a couple of hours all summer, and I had to suck it up and dress like a grown up for FIVE consecutive days! 1,030 more words

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Mom in Training : Week 8-11 ish?

I am having a hard time keeping track of which week is which. I have two apps that tell me one thing, My doctor tells me another, and the What to Expect website lands somewhere in between. 1,243 more words

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Miscadventures of a Mom in Training

Surprise! Or maybe not so much if you are one of the friends/family members who we haven’t been able to keep our traps shut around… Sometime towards the end of February 2014, we will have yet another addition to the Beers Zoo. 1,712 more words

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Unconscious Adventures

If you think I am a bag of fun while I am awake, you should see me when I’m sleeping. In fact, you should see both Bryan and I WHILE we are sleeping, and then tell us which one of us took all the pictures off of the wall in the middle of the night… 867 more words

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Sweet lil Southern thangs...

Just a couple of examples ;).

My little lovebug…

And Peach Cobbler. Mmmmm :).

Snapshots Of This Beautiful Life

Whatever Wednesday!

I have been cooped up at home after an early morning dental appointment that left me numb and bitter, but with generally better oral health than when I went in. 890 more words

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