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You Must Remember Rosewood

As it gets closer to winter, we in Florida reflect on what makes us different from the rest of the country. Spurred on by scenes of snow and cruel blizzards we sit on porches in shorts and reminisce of times before, nostalgic flashes of beachside February mornings or sweltering Christmas Eve’s where the temperatures rose above 80 degrees. 3,182 more words


Trump's choices

I know my point of view is out of step with much of the right, but I am not happy with some of the choices Trump is making for his cabinet. 760 more words

Cultural Marxism

It's hog killing weather

It’s been an unseasonably warm fall in Alabama. Here we are in late November, and the mercury has still been rising to nearly 80 every day, but we’re about to get a little relief. 400 more words


Our monuments come down, while...

Blacks and their supposed role in “growing Texas” are being honored by a monument to them in Austin. This, in a time when Confederate monuments, even those dedicated to heroic gentlemen like General Robert E. 621 more words

Cultural Marxism

Leave or Stay, That is the Question!

Canadian Immigration Sight Crashes Due to Influx of Inquiries Last Night”! That was one of the headlines today following the Trump Presidential victory last night. 273 more words

Southern Charm in a Northern Culture

This morning I realized that perhaps the southern charm I inherited after almost a decade of living in the South may not always be appropriate. Or, rather be perceived correctly by those around me. 330 more words

My Name is Ray, or is it Roy?

Winterville, NC is a small town, not far from Greenville, NC, Home of the East Carolina Pirates. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton picked Winterville to hold one of her political rallies today. 344 more words