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How I Write

I’ve finished the first draft of my latest novella, which I first mentioned in this post. It’s about Appalachian folk magic, only in an urban setting. 524 more words


How I Learned To Stop Fearing Y'all And Love The South

I found myself living in Jacksonville, Florida, a strange and foreign land to a Northeastern brat like me. This wasn’t Miami or even Orlando; this was Northeastern Florida, or as the locals liked to call it, Southern Georgia.  863 more words


Newest Obsession: Draper James

I’ve admired Reese Witherspoon for quite some time. She is a wonderful actress, {Walk the Line and The Man in the Moon are two of my faves!} a supporter of other women { 512 more words


Southern Identity Found to Be "Mortifying", "Heartbreaking", Results in Apology

America was 13 colonies, each granted independence by the British; but the heritage of 6 of those colonies is not tolerated.

A recent prom photo… 129 more words


Are Your Characters Starving? By Cheryl Owen Wilson

We populate our books with people or other worldly beings. Even beings have to eat don’t they? Are they eating bland oatmeal and drinking only purified water? 386 more words


On a Photograph of an Abandoned Southern Home

Take me back to the earth,

as I lay dying I lay breaking.

Come home lost son and wayward daughter,

it is still sanctuary where I am father. 57 more words