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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover… Or a Person by Their Glasses

I have tattoos. Three of them in fact. A large piece on my back right shoulder, and two on each forearm. I have plans for a fourth ankle piece. 1,512 more words

Hitler Made Fine Roads

 A Yoga Teacher’s Notes from Berlin

I’ve never been to Germany. It was high on my list of places I never needed to see until Jack moved there. 1,805 more words


Cultural Response: Flags and Racism

This business with the Confederate flag is ridiculous, you guys. Not such that it’s finally being targeted as a symbol of racism and offense, but rather that, (1) it’s even still flying, and (2) that there’s such major pushback against its removal from our public spaces as a nation. 552 more words

Sociopolitical Commentary

The illusion of loving the unlovable.

Based on the inexcusable, inexplicable murders of church goers in Charleston, South Carolina by a deranged young white maniac, racial activists, seeing another opportunity to stir up the bubbling racial pot, and spread their seething hatred of all things Southern, agitate for removal of the Confederate flag located on the State Capital grounds at a Confederate memorial in Columbia more than 100 miles from Charleston. 463 more words

Southern Culture

Go Set a Watchman -- Did You Guys Get It??

Did you guys get Go Set a Watchman?

I pre-ordered on my Kindle and it was on my devise on July 14th, right on schedule! 385 more words

Sweet Home

Thus Spake Zorg

Under an excellent article by Catholic World Report, a post by “Zorg” was penned on the WBTS.:

Very good article, except I have to quibble over the word “cause.”

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The South

US South and Utah More Charitable Than Others, Despite Poverty

Market Watch recently published a study showing wealthier neighborhoods give less than do poorer neighborhoods. However, there’s a more interesting trend.

From the map, Utah and the US South appear to be much more charitable… 282 more words

The South