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~A Study In Death~

Yesterday, a friend of mine passed away after a three-year battle with cancer. She is the second friend I have lost these last two years, and it is no way easier to process the pain I feel. 174 more words


Confessions of a blue dot in a red state

First, let me start off by saying I have always been opinionated; obnoxiously so to many of the people around me. My grandmother always described me as someone who “would argue with a fencepost, come hell or high water.” I suppose in many ways, despite being significantly older, slightly more patient, and perhaps a bit wiser, not much has really changed. 234 more words


JayMan: The Genetics of the American Nations

JayMan has an excellent article at Unz.com on the genetics of the American Nations:

“And now, a new paper in Nature bears out the genetic roots of the American nations.

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Why Do Southern Nationalists Use Oxford English?

Q: Why have some Southern Nationalists chosen to use Oxford spelling and writing style over the American spelling and writing style?

A: Because we do not yet have a formalized Dixian Standard English. 833 more words


The Field Negro: Dixie's National Animal

Symbols are important. Most if not all nations have a national animal, national personification, etc. Most high school, college, and pro sports teams have mascots. I don’t really have an explanation for how it works, but the practice of having some kind of iconic mascot just helps to rally people. 364 more words



Hello there, Greenvillians!

I am so glad you’re here! Welcome to College City, College Budget: your guide to living and spending well in Greenville, South Carolina. 397 more words


Well That Definitely Was NASTY!!

By: Aloise McKenna

Let me be clear! I by no means consider myself the “little woman”.  I do consider myself a Christian servant of Jesus, wife, mother, an educated scholar and teacher of my children, and a strong true Southern Woman. 944 more words