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Southern Slayer: Beyoncé's "Formation"

Unless you were living under a rock or don’t pay attention to such things, Beyoncé released a new song yesterday called “Formation.” The southern setting (New Orleans), Bey’s reference to her roots in the Deep South (Alabama and Louisiana), the entire song’s southern… 155 more words

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Fear and Loathing in Alabama

Forestry has been my profession for 26 years.  When people find that I’ve spent a considerable part of my life romping through the woods, the question I’m asked most often is “aren’t you afraid of snakes?” 486 more words

Life In Alabama

And First Place goes to.....

“And 1st place goes to….”. Every year at the Annual Watson Bird & Sausage Gumbo Cook Off, the crowd waits for those words. The anticipation is nerve racking. 1,917 more words

Watson LA

William Faulkner

I bet you thought this piece was going to be about the Nobel Prize-winning author from Oxford, Mississippi.  The man who wrote all those classic books:  T… 1,073 more words

Life In Alabama

I love it when you talk southern to me!

I was born and raised in New York and, until I reached my 40s, I had never lived more than 90 miles from the heart of “the city”, also known as Manhattan. 571 more words


Time Done Been Won't Be No More*

I run across a lot of old house places in the course of my work as a forester.

This chimney was unusual to me.  It is in remarkable condition for its age. 578 more words

Life In Alabama

God helps those who ...

I live in the South, where “Christian” is synonymous with “Republican.” My older family members always voted down the party line. I live in a place where people say things like, “I don’t see how you can vote Democrat and still call yourself a Christian.” In high school and all through college, I was politically active. 455 more words