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an Alabama cold streak...

Ugh-this weather! Spring in the South is unpredictable at best.  Warm temps for weeks, days spent working in the yard and throwing the windows wide to let in the warm breeze while deep cleaning, and now this, a cold streak. 673 more words


Waiting on the Bus

Have mercy, been waiting on the bus all day.

I wait for the bus.  I don’t know when it is scheduled to arrive, but I know that I have an express ticket. 386 more words

Life In Alabama

Rocks in Her Head

Dear Dixie:
Recently my boyfriend of 3 years and I attended a benefit. There was a drawing for a gorgeous ring as part of the fundraiser. 413 more words

Advice Column

Hill Walker

I like to walk the hill country.

Most of my time in the woods is not as peaceful as you would imagine.  Like the “seed that fell among the thorns,” too often my mind is “choked by the cares of this world.”  When that happens, it becomes difficult to see the forest for the trees. 463 more words

Life In Alabama

Made South: Spring Shipment

It’s alway fun to get home and find a Made South box at my door. This is my third shipment from the Nashville based company and each one is better than the last. 174 more words


Daily Devotional

John 5:30-47.

Two things stand out to me in this text:

First, Jesus identifies Himself as the Judge and says only He, God as human with us humans to dwell, is able to rightly judge the human heart. 219 more words


Daily devotional: the Heart of Faith 

Romans 2:25-3:18

This Scripture reminds us it is not the outward trappings of religion – circumcision, baptism, hijab – that matter to God. These each are intended to remind us of the need for inner transformation, to have a heart open and cooperative with God’s lead. 152 more words