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Experts or Ex-lax?

Maybe it’s  because I am an “Old Fogey” who has outlived the times, and many of you “youngans” believe that, but somehow I can’t grasp the fact that many of the so-called experts look to be no more than 25 or 26 years in age. 315 more words

The Bathroom Fiasco

For the past seventy-six years, when in a public place  and the need arose, I had no problem finding a men’s restroom. I always knew that the men’s room  was where I belonged. 358 more words

Southlandish! * Repurposed Window

Part folk art, part organizational decor, this display uses corkboard and photographs to fill in alternating panes of an old window from my sister-in-law’s house (thanks, Lena!). 137 more words


Southlandish! * Abigail Washburn & Sounds of Appalachina

Abigail Washburn & Sounds of Appalachina   { Featured Southerly }

Yes, you read that right: Appalachina.

A blending of Appalachia and China.

Which is a perfect description of… 2,556 more words


The Risen by Ron Rash:Book Review

This is, yet again, another gripping Ron Rash novel.  Upon reflection, what stays with me most is that the premise of The Risen is tight and simple. 204 more words



“Don’t give me any fifties”

The teller looked perplexed

“I don’t understand,” she said

As she gave him hundreds instead

“Well, you know,” he said, 378 more words