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My friend has a son who is 10. I have been in a room with him. But, we haven’t actually been introduced other than “This is my friend, Kitty.” directed to his grandmother, who was in the room at the same time. 311 more words

A Day In This Life

At 1 a.m. in the Morning With Snipers on the Roof!

The statues are being hauled down because they have been declared to be “…public nuisances as symbols of racism and white supremacy.” … The cultural Marxists dearly love to slap that term on anyone that dares to disagree with them.

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April Is Confederate History Month–but the gutless will never proclaim it!

April is Confederate History Month and I’d be willing to bet you haven’t heard the first word about it from the “fake news” media. This is one of those things that they, in their unending wisdom, have deemed you don’t need to know anything about and so the MSM will do as much as possible to make sure you remain totally unaware of this.”

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Irrational behavior - Confederaphobia

It’s a fearful time in America—and the only thing we have to fear is the leftist revolutionaries who have created chaos within our cultural values. 243 more words

Southern Culture

RiverRun 2016

Monday 4/11

My Friend’s Rubber Ducky  “In a tipsy fit, Joseph kidnaps an old friend who owes him $5,000, enlisting the aide of his hipster girlfriend and stoner roommate.”  This was hilarious.   397 more words


Tobacco Road pt 2

Tobacco Road   { Featured Southerly }  Part 2

Beautiful Obsession: If you aren’t from North Carolina, it might be hard to understand the importance of basketball–specifically, … 1,460 more words

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