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Southron Dreams

In the historical development of the country, in the ethnic makeup of its past and present demography, and in the manner with which it is an Empire that pretends not to be, the United States is a country almost entirely unique to the world. 1,385 more words


Witch Flambé

The latest edition of Aurora Wolf features my short story “Witch Flambé.” Set in and around modern-day High Point, North Carolina (my home town), it’s about two old friends now in vastly different circles who team up to clear a young lady who’s accused of setting fires at her employer’s “guerilla dinners.” Someone’s casting spells on the “underground dining” events, and our protagonists must seek out the help of a Scots-Irish granny witch. 204 more words

Fantasy Fiction

Before the month is over..

Before saying goodbye to Confederate History Month, I just wanted to add another post to remind my Southron readers of the need to remember and honor our heritage and our forefathers and kinsmen who were part of that tragic part of our history. 463 more words

Southern Fried Austen

Out in the Boonies

Darcy and Lizzy went to work every day the next week, textin’ and talkin’ to each other on their phones, livin’ for the weekend. 1,593 more words

Robin Helm

Barefoot in Alabama

I have known two men who spent nearly their entire lives barefoot.  Both worked the land.  Both were named Billy.

The first was “Barefoot Billy Shepherd.”  I heard about him long before I met him.  350 more words

Life In Alabama

The true Southerner, has nothing against prosperity. He has nothing against making money; he just doesn’t believe in making money his God.

-John Vinson, Southerner Take Your Stand!, p.24


Lest it be forgotten

April is Confederate History Month. As our Southern heritage is increasingly under attack, I honestly think that there may come a time, not too far off, when even… 218 more words

Cultural Marxism