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Trump’s Military Parade Isn’t Fascist. It’s Older and Much Worse.

(Originally posted at Gods & Radicals)

…These aren’t the cowboys of the West, Rhyd. These are those same rough people, true, but ours have been grafted onto a feudal order. 393 more words


Fire and Ice


Not Yankee cold, but too cold for Alabama cold.  Alabama cold is 30 degrees, and that only for a night or two.  Not two weeks with lows in the 20’s and teens. 203 more words

Life In Alabama

A Southern Solstice Celebration

“Today is the shortest day of the year.”

I remember Daddy telling me that when I was about four or five as we were leaving Granny’s house where we had been opening presents and celebrating Christmas with the family. 1,072 more words

The second issue of intentional pompadour...coming soon!

Are you familiar with my zine, intentional pompadour?

If not, click here to check out my side gig as publisher of the newest and coolest Southern culture zine in the land. 51 more words

Intentional Pompadour

The Best Thing About the Holidays

Late afternoon cocktails. That’s one of the best things about the holidays.

Well, aside from the birth of Jesus, watching the children’s eyes light up in wonder and joy, and peace on earth and goodwill toward men. 528 more words

Comfort Food

Many people have heard of macaroni and cheese, but if you’re Southern, you’ve probably enjoyed this classic on MORE than one occasion.  In the South, mac and cheese is such a popular side dish that some folks might even consider it a vegetable.   1,073 more words