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Completing a "Bucket List"

Yesterday, I cast my vote for the presidency of the United States. The very first day for early voting in my State.  At my age, it could very well be my last opportunity. 356 more words

The shock of the old

In the introduction to his translation of Beowulf, Irish poet Seamus Heaney recalls his surprise when he learned the odd-looking Anglo-Saxon word þole (pronounced “thole”) wasn’t really alien: 275 more words

Southern Culture

What is, is!

Those of us old enough to remember the Bill Clinton era are also old enough to remember the response by the Democratic Party and  the main stream media. 262 more words

#Houstonpeople: Following in his father's footsteps

Barber and outdoorsman Elmore Randle opened Randles Unisex Barber Shop in Houston’s historic Third Ward over five decades ago. Randle’s son Gill S. took the business over after his father’s death. 73 more words

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Best Fiction and Writing Blogs

The best fiction and writing blog posts from around the ‘net, all guaranteed to make you a Shakespeare. Inspired by ron.

A.E. Steuve – … 64 more words


Have you ever been to a

Clemson football game?

It’s remarkable. Think 80,000+ people in one place for one reason – they love football and they want their team to win. 244 more words

It's [Pee-Can]... maybe.

It’s Pee-Can.. which when I write it out like that sounds absolutely disgusting.
I’ve been fighting this battle for years, which is strange because I’m not sure why any of us really care how another person pronounces a type of nut. 321 more words